Apple Music has a Section With Video Clips and Gets a Huge Update

Streaming service Apple Music officially overstepped the mark of 40 million subscribers, reports Variety. In this connection, in Cupertino, they decided to carry out permutations in the direction of the music product, appointing Oliver Schusser, responsible for his development.

Oliver Shusser is a protege of Eddie Cue who came to work in Apple at the beginning of the zero years, where he spent most of his time on the App Store and iTunes. Prior to his appointment as head of the department engaged in promoting Apple Music around the world, Schusser was vice president of international content.

The speed with which Apple Music develops makes it one of the fastest growing services in the world. Less than a month ago we reported that the aggregate audience of the service does not exceed 38 million users, whereas in April 2016 their number barely exceeded 10 million.

Aware of the responsibility that lies with the company, Apple decided to diversify the content broadcast by Apple Music. For some time, users of the service have become available movies, exclusive TV shows and video clips. Until 2022, Apple plans to spend 4 billion dollars on video content production.

Apple has also already introduced some apps exclusively for their platform like Garageband and you can check downloading garageband for pc if you are interested to run Garageband on your windows PC

In the application Apple Music appeared section with video clips, which can only reach the current subscribers of the service. Interestingly, the release of the innovation took place a few hours before the release of the final version of iOS 11.3, which at that time was available for download only on pre-sale copies of the iPad 2018.

The new section includes several thematic tabs, including current day video clips and novelties. Apparently, collections are formed on the basis of personal preferences of the user and can depend on the region of his residence. In particular, users from the UK are available clips that are popular there.

It is expected that soon the video clips section will be replenished with exclusive works of talented artists and directors. In this way, Apple Music subscribers will be able to easily watch the most current videos of their favorite artists without having to look through advertisements, which are now full of many competing services.

Comparison: ShowBox Apk vs Terrarium TV

The arguments and insinuations have been coming for a long time now, and the stage is set for the ultimate showdown that will decide which among ShowBox apk and Terrarium TV is the better of the two! We’re going to be looking at the top features the apps carry, and how they fare with each other on the matter.

showbox apk android

ShowBox apk vs Terrarium TV apk:

ShowBox APK file is definitely heavier than Terrarium TV. For many, that can be an issue, given a lot on low end Android devices come with small memories. So Terrarium TV apk has an upper hand here. Although, if we’re also considering mod apk files, then ShowBox Lite mod apk is half the original size, and also has added features like no ads or torrent links.

ShowBox apk vs Terrarium TV: Content Library:

Terrarium TV has the bigger content library of the two. But ShowBox does have an edge that cannot be dismissed. If you want to find more player content types, ShowBox will serve you better. It is easier to get resolutions of your choice, and you can download the content easier too.

ShowBox apk vs Terrarium TV: Chromecasting:

Both the apps rely on MX Player’s interface to run their video content. But there are differences when Chromecasting is attempted. ShowBox doesn’t offer Casting facility with MX Player, after a recent update in the player’s code. Terrarium TV does. You can still cast ShowBox movies though; just replace MX Player with GrowBox.

ShowBox apk vs Terrarium TV: Ads:

Ok we all know the app developers are in for it for the money. Most of that money (if not all on it) comes from Ad revenue. And we’ve also seen websites, apps and services losing their lucrativity when the ads take over. So how do these two fare? Thankfully, they’re almost equally interrupted by ads. A few rogue ShowBox apk files do have a lot of apps (delete your app now if ads pop up even when you’re not using it). Terrarium TV is coming up with a premium subscription to remove ads and it is going to cost only a tiny sum. If you install Showbox apk Lite mod, however, you get zero ads for free! So ShowBox wins this round as well.

ShowBox apk vs Terrarium TV; who wins?

ShowBox apk is the clear winner of this comparison, even though Terrarium TV does have some great benefits to it. Do you agree? Tell me why or why not in the comments below.
garage band for pc
If you want to use The Terrarium TV App then just go with this link to download Terrarium TV APK or even you can try Terrarium TV For Pc to enjioy movies on windows pc.

Vidmate Features, Review, And Guide

All about Vidmate

Vidmate is an Android Platform based, all purpose video streaming and downloading application that was launched earlier this year with the objective of providing users with a single platform for all their video streaming needs.

After downloading and using the app for a good long while, we’ve come to realize that we no longer need singular apps for video watching like YouTube and Vimeo. This is one app that does it all and more!

What Vidmate is doing for the video streaming industry now seems to be similar to what happened when Google bought over YouTube the world’s leader in video infotainment worldwide. It’s created a buzz and the blogosphere has been bursting with awesome new things to say about the app.

So what does it do?

The Vidmate app is meant to be an aggregator of all the most popular video streaming platforms and channels. From Youtube to Facebook to the smallest platforms like 9gag TV and FunnyOrDie, the app has a plethora of things to offer; including:

  1. Comprehensive Video Search across 20+ platforms with the option of adding your own custom platforms to be searched
  2. Video Bookmarking – save your favorite videos to watch later
  3. HD Video Download – The option of downloading videos off of the internet in almost any file format and resolution including HD and 4k Videos.
  4. Video to Audio Conversion – The app allows you to convert Video to Audio on the fly by downloading just the audio from any internet video. It downloads in one of two formats – MP3 and M4a.
  5. Live Streaming – Watch live streaming from various sites using the Vidmate app – all you have to do is search
  6. Live Recording – record your favorite live streams and enjoy them again and again at your leisure.
  7. Movie Download – Download your favorite movies from around the world at minimal prices using the app and never go to the theatre again (unless it’s with your paramour)!


How much do we love it?

We love Vidmate like we love our smartphones themselves. It’s been hard writing about it – since there are so many things we’ve been doing once we got it that its effectively turned me into the zombie I was when I first discovered 9gag, except this time I was watching videos instead of drooling rainbows over memes of nuttella.psiphon3

How do we use it?

To get the vidmate app (which is only available on Android) all you have to do is go to their official website and download the app.

Once you do, open up the settings in your phone or tablet and scroll into the settings – you should see a button that says “Allow Third Party Apps To Install” enable it and tap past the warning that says it could compromise your hardware, before you open up the downloaded APK file and run it.

Vidmate needs decent internet to work (Duh) so have a good connection if you’re planning on binge watching something online.

But whatever your lenience in the area of specialized video – whether binge watching or single reference videos or just for laughs – you’ll love the app. Go ahead and download it now to know what I’m talking about!

5 Best Android Tools And Utility Apps


Developers have created tons of tools for your smartphone. Smartphones are at its core due to which developers are trying to design one of the best application for them. Whether you want to write a blog, pay e money instantly, share a particular document, watch full length movies or test your internet speed, everything is possible with Android smartphones today.

There are loads of tools and utility applications of Google play store. What actually matters is, which is your favorite, do you need it right now or are they really needed on your phone etc. We have listed 5 such utility applications for your smartphones, let’s see which one you choose!

5 tool & utility applications for Android devices:-

  • Designed by Ookla, is an excellent internet speed testing application anywhere and anytime. Thanks to the network connection, we can test our Ping, download and upload speed with ease on our needs to be started as soo as you download it, there will be three differenttest done, which wil eventualy let you know the current speed of your interent connection as compared to the real speed. Afterwards, you can share the results with others, compare your last test details and take a print out of the real time graphs for the internet speed as well.

Available – Google Play Store

Price – Free

  • PayTm

    PayTm is a new way to pay your utility and entertainment bills in one go. Rather than paying hard cash in stores, movie halls or grocery stores, you can pay them through PayTm. PayTm is an application that enables you to receive and transfer money instantly, buy railway tickets, recharge metrocard, pay electricity, gas, set top box recharge and much more easily.

    With the chaos of demonetization, it’s always easy to spend money intelligently. Just use ayTm and enjoy your daily life without taking any tension of hard money. Nowadays PayTm is used by millions of people for their required transactions. Indeed, PayTm is useful, secure and trustworthy.

Available – Google Play Store

Price – Free

  • ShareIt

    ShareIt is world’s fastest cross platform sharing application. You can share most of your information easily from one device to another without using USB or BlueTooth. ShareIt simply works on all platforms and devices for example, Windows, Windows Phone, iOS devices, Android smartphones & Tablets, BlackBerry etc.

    ShareIt is now recognized by millions of individuals today, you can easily transfer heavy files from different devices such as, important files, documents, signed papers, music folders, videos and movies.

Available – Google Play Store

Price – Free

  • Terrarium Tv

Terrarium Tv is a movie streaming application that allows you to stream movies and Tv shows for free on your smartphones. While you’re out on a vacation or stressed in office, you can just switch to relaxing mode and watch series and movies on your phone. Nowadays Terrarium Tv is giving much competition to Showbox App which considers as the most liked streaming app for android. You must try Showbox APK too it is an amazing app for streaming,

Terrarium also allows you to download videos so that you can watch them as and when you like. There are no time or money restrictions on Terrarium Tv. It can be a blast to watch full length movies on your small screen with excellent notabilities like choice of resolutions, languages, subtitles, volume, video quality , chromecast support and much more.

Available – Original website

Price – Free and paid

  • WordPress WordPress is a necessary application for Bloggers. WordPress has the ability to inspire, recharge and demand your limits to write everyday on your particular blog. Rather than opening your blog through computer everyday, it is quite efficient to write and check your blogs easily.Wordpress allows you to check your blog’s growth, other writing and beautiful new notabilities. The great thing about WordPress is, it allows you to write your own blog through the application as well. This makes you work easier and self sufficient.

    These are the most efficient and interesting application which are needed in your everyday life. These tools and utility applications will allow you to spend your day fully with excellent tools in your hand. Your smartphone is now an all in one tool for you. What do you say?

5 Reasons Why Cinema Box Is The Best

Gone are the days when we essentially utilised phones for calling and messaging. Today smartphones are being used for playing games, live streaming, downloading movies, listening to music, becoming fit with fitness applications, editing images, capturing candid pictures and much more.


The Android and iOS market has released some of the best entertainment app for the users. Certainly we can say that Cinemabox HD is one application that should be there on your phone.

Users can utilise their spare time in a more efficient way with CinemaBox HD. They can entertain themselves by downloading amazing movies and tv shows for free. There are a lot more features in CinemaBox that can captivate you to download it right away on your phone. Let’s list them down.

  • Download Movies & Tv shows

Cinemabox HD provides you with adrenaline filled movies, horrifying horror shows, critical documentaries and amazing adventure and action filled films. You can stream them online or download for free. There is no restriction on users for watching unlimited movies a day.

  1. Kids Lock

While most of the parents think before handing their children new technology and applications, CinemaBox HD is an app that provides parents extra facilities for their kids. They can make choices for their children and block inappropriate tv shows and movies for the time being.

  1. ChromeCast, Apple Tv and WiFi Sharing

Now you can experience better video quality on your big screen through ChromeCast, Apple Tv and WiFi sharing. Users can connect their application with ChromeCast that will eventually allow you to stream movies and tv shows on your television screen. This can be an advantage for movie lovers who love to watch movies on the big screen.

  1. Subtitles and Languages

You can watch movies in 15+ languages with suitable subtitles. You can synchronize it with in-built sync system. CinemaBox HD has fans across the globe due to its language and subtitle option.

  1. Daily updates

Most of the time due to hectic schedule we often miss our favorite shows. Cinemabox HD provides you with the latest movies and episodes from our favorite tv series. With regular updates you can find the latest release episodes on the application.

 Final Words

CinemaBox HD is quite an enticing application for movie lovers. CinemaBox previously known as PlayBox HD has entertained people with amazing video quality and good collection of movies and tv shows. The best thing about CinemaBox HD is that it does not ask you for even a penny for downloading movies and tv series.