5 Reasons Why Cinema Box Is The Best

Gone are the days when we essentially utilised phones for calling and messaging. Today smartphones are being used for playing games, live streaming, downloading movies, listening to music, becoming fit with fitness applications, editing images, capturing candid pictures and much more.


The Android and iOS market has released some of the best entertainment app for the users. Certainly we can say that Cinemabox HD is one application that should be there on your phone.

Users can utilise their spare time in a more efficient way with CinemaBox HD. They can entertain themselves by downloading amazing movies and tv shows for free. There are a lot more features in CinemaBox that can captivate you to download it right away on your phone. Let’s list them down.

  • Download Movies & Tv shows

Cinemabox HD provides you with adrenaline filled movies, horrifying horror shows, critical documentaries and amazing adventure and action filled films. You can stream them online or download for free. There is no restriction on users for watching unlimited movies a day.

  1. Kids Lock

While most of the parents think before handing their children new technology and applications, CinemaBox HD is an app that provides parents extra facilities for their kids. They can make choices for their children and block inappropriate tv shows and movies for the time being.

  1. ChromeCast, Apple Tv and WiFi Sharing

Now you can experience better video quality on your big screen through ChromeCast, Apple Tv and WiFi sharing. Users can connect their application with ChromeCast that will eventually allow you to stream movies and tv shows on your television screen. This can be an advantage for movie lovers who love to watch movies on the big screen.

  1. Subtitles and Languages

You can watch movies in 15+ languages with suitable subtitles. You can synchronize it with in-built sync system. CinemaBox HD has fans across the globe due to its language and subtitle option.

  1. Daily updates

Most of the time due to hectic schedule we often miss our favorite shows. Cinemabox HD provides you with the latest movies and episodes from our favorite tv series. With regular updates you can find the latest release episodes on the application.

 Final Words

CinemaBox HD is quite an enticing application for movie lovers. CinemaBox previously known as PlayBox HD has entertained people with amazing video quality and good collection of movies and tv shows. The best thing about CinemaBox HD is that it does not ask you for even a penny for downloading movies and tv series.