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Apple Music has a Section With Video Clips and Gets a Huge Update

Streaming service Apple Music officially overstepped the mark of 40 million subscribers, reports Variety. In this connection, in Cupertino, they decided to carry out permutations in the direction of the music product, appointing Oliver Schusser, responsible for his development.

Oliver Shusser is a protege of Eddie Cue who came to work in Apple at the beginning of the zero years, where he spent most of his time on the App Store and iTunes. Prior to his appointment as head of the department engaged in promoting Apple Music around the world, Schusser was vice president of international content.

The speed with which Apple Music develops makes it one of the fastest growing services in the world. Less than a month ago we reported that the aggregate audience of the service does not exceed 38 million users, whereas in April 2016 their number barely exceeded 10 million.

Aware of the responsibility that lies with the company, Apple decided to diversify the content broadcast by Apple Music. For some time, users of the service have become available movies, exclusive TV shows and video clips. Until 2022, Apple plans to spend 4 billion dollars on video content production.

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In the application Apple Music appeared section with video clips, which can only reach the current subscribers of the service. Interestingly, the release of the innovation took place a few hours before the release of the final version of iOS 11.3, which at that time was available for download only on pre-sale copies of the iPad 2018.

The new section includes several thematic tabs, including current day video clips and novelties. Apparently, collections are formed on the basis of personal preferences of the user and can depend on the region of his residence. In particular, users from the UK are available clips that are popular there.

It is expected that soon the video clips section will be replenished with exclusive works of talented artists and directors. In this way, Apple Music subscribers will be able to easily watch the most current videos of their favorite artists without having to look through advertisements, which are now full of many competing services.