Comparison: ShowBox Apk vs Terrarium TV

The arguments and insinuations have been coming for a long time now, and the stage is set for the ultimate showdown that will decide which among ShowBox apk and Terrarium TV is the better of the two! We’re going to be looking at the top features the apps carry, and how they fare with each other on the matter.

showbox apk android

ShowBox apk vs Terrarium TV apk:

ShowBox APK file is definitely heavier than Terrarium TV. For many, that can be an issue, given a lot on low end Android devices come with small memories. So Terrarium TV apk has an upper hand here. Although, if we’re also considering mod apk files, then ShowBox Lite mod apk is half the original size, and also has added features like no ads or torrent links.

ShowBox apk vs Terrarium TV: Content Library:

Terrarium TV has the bigger content library of the two. But ShowBox does have an edge that cannot be dismissed. If you want to find more player content types, ShowBox will serve you better. It is easier to get resolutions of your choice, and you can download the content easier too.

ShowBox apk vs Terrarium TV: Chromecasting:

Both the apps rely on MX Player’s interface to run their video content. But there are differences when Chromecasting is attempted. ShowBox doesn’t offer Casting facility with MX Player, after a recent update in the player’s code. Terrarium TV does. You can still cast ShowBox movies though; just replace MX Player with GrowBox.

ShowBox apk vs Terrarium TV: Ads:

Ok we all know the app developers are in for it for the money. Most of that money (if not all on it) comes from Ad revenue. And we’ve also seen websites, apps and services losing their lucrativity when the ads take over. So how do these two fare? Thankfully, they’re almost equally interrupted by ads. A few rogue ShowBox apk files do have a lot of apps (delete your app now if ads pop up even when you’re not using it). Terrarium TV is coming up with a premium subscription to remove ads and it is going to cost only a tiny sum. If you install Showbox apk Lite mod, however, you get zero ads for free! So ShowBox wins this round as well.

ShowBox apk vs Terrarium TV; who wins?

ShowBox apk is the clear winner of this comparison, even though Terrarium TV does have some great benefits to it. Do you agree? Tell me why or why not in the comments below.
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