Vidmate Features, Review, And Guide

All about Vidmate

Vidmate is an Android Platform based, all purpose video streaming and downloading application that was launched earlier this year with the objective of providing users with a single platform for all their video streaming needs.

After downloading and using the app for a good long while, we’ve come to realize that we no longer need singular apps for video watching like YouTube and Vimeo. This is one app that does it all and more!

What Vidmate is doing for the video streaming industry now seems to be similar to what happened when Google bought over YouTube the world’s leader in video infotainment worldwide. It’s created a buzz and the blogosphere has been bursting with awesome new things to say about the app.

So what does it do?

The Vidmate app is meant to be an aggregator of all the most popular video streaming platforms and channels. From Youtube to Facebook to the smallest platforms like 9gag TV and FunnyOrDie, the app has a plethora of things to offer; including:

  1. Comprehensive Video Search across 20+ platforms with the option of adding your own custom platforms to be searched
  2. Video Bookmarking – save your favorite videos to watch later
  3. HD Video Download – The option of downloading videos off of the internet in almost any file format and resolution including HD and 4k Videos.
  4. Video to Audio Conversion – The app allows you to convert Video to Audio on the fly by downloading just the audio from any internet video. It downloads in one of two formats – MP3 and M4a.
  5. Live Streaming – Watch live streaming from various sites using the Vidmate app – all you have to do is search
  6. Live Recording – record your favorite live streams and enjoy them again and again at your leisure.
  7. Movie Download – Download your favorite movies from around the world at minimal prices using the app and never go to the theatre again (unless it’s with your paramour)!


How much do we love it?

We love Vidmate like we love our smartphones themselves. It’s been hard writing about it – since there are so many things we’ve been doing once we got it that its effectively turned me into the zombie I was when I first discovered 9gag, except this time I was watching videos instead of drooling rainbows over memes of nuttella.psiphon3

How do we use it?

To get the vidmate app (which is only available on Android) all you have to do is go to their official website and download the app.

Once you do, open up the settings in your phone or tablet and scroll into the settings – you should see a button that says “Allow Third Party Apps To Install” enable it and tap past the warning that says it could compromise your hardware, before you open up the downloaded APK file and run it.

Vidmate needs decent internet to work (Duh) so have a good connection if you’re planning on binge watching something online.

But whatever your lenience in the area of specialized video – whether binge watching or single reference videos or just for laughs – you’ll love the app. Go ahead and download it now to know what I’m talking about!