19 Beautiful Galley Kitchen Ideas

The kitchen is far from poky now, helped partly by the addition of an elegant conservatory 10 years ago. ‘It is essential to have the garden as much inside as possible,’ says Butter, hence the large sash window and the stable door. Brass taps and fixtures add elegance to the simply decorated space, which also features a classic butler sink. Having previously been divided into flats, this 19th-century house in Hampstead has had a sense of harmony restored by Maria Speake of Retrouvius, with creative use of reclaimed materials and eclectic vintage pieces. Here, as throughout the house, the original features have been preserved, including the plaster cornices and limed-pine floorboards.

It’s basically my dream kitchen – probably not so much white, because my partner is not so crazy about it, but pretty close. Now that we have space for a table that will fit our radiocaferoma.org family, I went on the hunt for a 68-72″ round table. I’m still scouring online and shopping locally, but I was elated to find this 60″ table on the local Facebook marketplace.

  • If you’re making more space as part of your kitchen remodel, then opt for an island that does it all – integrated appliances, space to sit and entertain and ample storage.
  • The porcelain farmhouse sink, a show-stopping vintage Aga cooker complement the kitchen shelving ideas, which are as homely as displaying antique Ironstone dishware like sculptural objects.
  • Breaking up the space creates movement and flexibility—multiple zones for entertaining, cooking, and seating—while anchoring the entire space with a sense of balance.
  • The kitchen is one such evolving space where technology is playing a key role.

Kitchens tend to have more materials than any other room in the house—from cabinetry to backsplashes, countertops, appliances, and hardware, the opportunities to customize are endless if not overwhelming. Like a chef’s table, this Southampton kitchen by New York’s ​​Robert Stilin balances it all. “The design for this kitchen is such a success because it is gracious and inviting while also being extremely useful,” says Stilin, noting its traditional triangle design.

So, how much does a new kitchen cost?

You won’t be able to fit bulky items in slimmer cabinets, but can hang your pots and pans from the ceiling and utensils from hooks underneath cupboards. Stick to a rule of making sure that kitchen surfaces are always clear and that every item in the kitchen has a storage space. This includes keeping the space above your kitchen cupboardsclutter-free. In a small kitchen you have to be ruthless with any items you don’t use and donate them to a charity shop. The minimalist look works well for creating more kitchen counter spaceand helps create the illusion of a bigger kitchen.

kitchen remodel ideas

“By removing typical upper cabinets from the design, we were able to create a lower baseline for the cabinets that connected to the dining room and living room furniture more naturally,” she adds. With so many necessary appliances, not to mention the potential for all sorts of bells and whistles, there’s a lot to cram into our kitchens these days. But minimalism in interior design remains a goal of modern kitchens, and the latest Japandi trend offers a pleasant update. The porcelain farmhouse sink, a show-stopping vintage Aga cooker complement the kitchen shelving ideas, which are as homely as displaying antique Ironstone dishware like sculptural objects. A galley kitchen can be seen as a disadvantage, but designed well it can function as well as any kitchen twice the size, or indeed width.

Large cabinets line the width of the space, complemented by a classic white Aga and blue tiling. One of the first things we did with this remodel was expose the brick to bring back that charm. Next, we added a working triangle and a beautiful island to bring more surface space, complete with sleek quartz countertops. Because bensonfarmersmarket.org this client was a chef, we knew that more counter space was essential. In addition to adding more room for appliances and cooking tools, the kitchen was both brightened and opened up—all without removing a wall. To top it off, a Bluestar range was incorporated into the kitchen along with other modern appliances.

Kitchen Appliances

Sophie Warburton, founder of Host Home, kept the existing kitchen in her London house, repainting the units from a pillar box red to the calm green of Benjamin Moore’s ‘Guacamole’. A pop of colour comes from marathonmontpelliermetropole.com part of Sophie’s glassware and ceramics collection, with all the glasses from Host and mugs from Mud Australia. Pandora Taylor designed the table in her kitchen herself, surrounding it with vintage chairs.

Paint your cabinets in a new shade

But don’t worry, we can work with you to revamp your old kitchen and give it the TLC where you want it. Worktops, sinks, taps and appliances can also be changed to complete your kitchen transformation. Once you’re 100% happy with everything and have accepted our quote, we can get started manufacturing your bespoke replacement doors and arrange any of the additional options you selected ready for installation. If you’ve been dreaming of a whole new kitchen with beautifully stylish finishing touches on a budget, your kitchen makeover journey starts here. These are the steps we take to build a brand new kitchen area for our customers. Established for more than 30 years and as one of the first companies to specialise exclusively in kitchen makeovers, we know the industry better than anyone.

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