20 Amazing Kitchen Design Ideas For Remodelling

Unexpected materials, such as timber, can be incredibly practical if properly sealed. Here, the backsplash material has been used to line the open shelving above, creating a warm, cohesive look that’s perfect for making a sleek, contemporary design feel more inviting. Collating your favorite kitchen ideas is a priority – and always the fun bit – when rethinking your new-look kitchen. These ideas – whether kitchen looks you like, surface materials or cabinetry styles – can then be worked into your ideal layout, the practical key to getting your kitchen right. A kitchen can, after all, look fantastic but if it fails to function as a workspace, it can be hugely disappointing.

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Essentials are tidied away into a neat configuration of handle-less cupboards, a brushed metal backsplash houses floating cabinetry and all appliances are sunken, flush with the surface. Taking its colour palette from stainless steel – the eternal kitchen mainstay – this design by Millier offers the ultimate bachelor-pad aesthetic. The contrasting gold and silver-hued metals of the cabinetry are mirrored by two Kelly Wearstler Marmont radiocaferoma.org barstools and a wood-like wall treatment juxtaposes two salmon pink and aubergine runners. Greg Natale’s revival of a quintessential Parisian wall treatment in a Melbourne family home brings style heritage to a Natale-signature dark and moody kitchen. Its wall of antique mirror tiles proves a fitting background for a wall-mounted, distressed metal drinks unit which blends in seamlessly for an old-world City of Lights touch.

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In the centre of the room, a delicate crystal chandelier hangs over an informal dining area of a royal blue buttoned banquette, modern dark wood dining table and dropped arm chairs. Apart from being expertly executed, this Fulham kitchen by London firm Interior Desires scores in the on-trend category as the designers integrate traditional elements with modern flair. Whatever it is to a home, the importance of a well-designed kitchen is obvious.

  • Not only does it give kids the perfect place to entertain themselves, still within view while you tend to jobs in the kitchen – it also creates an ideal family planner.
  • Oversized metal pendants are the perfect way to make a statement and introduce an industrial feel.
  • Use a kitchen island or peninsula with seating to enable you to eat in your kitchen.

Freestanding pieces are mixed in with fitted units, and modern-day islands stand on tall legs looking like elegant tables as opposed to functional work benches. When planning your color palette, start by considering the room’s size, design and choice of flooring. Soft neutral shades are easy to live with in even the smallest spaces, while on-trend grey can look coolly architectural in a modern room, or warm and inviting when teamed with wood. One of the most appealing and varied finishes for kitchen cabinetry, paint lends itself to both the classic looks of the traditional kitchen and to modern linear designs. Small kitchens will benefit from the reflective nature of a white color scheme, paired with natural wood finishes such as countertops, wood flooring and door handles to break up the white and enhance the earthy feel.

Color scheme and combine materials with restraint

‘Utilise the space of your kitchen by creating a breakfast bar area,’ suggests Hayley from Magnet. ‘While it may seem a challenging fit, they are an excellent option if you don’t need a lot of cupboard storage space. However, breakfast bars can double as both a preparation and dining space, creating a multifunctional approach to your kitchen design. Broken plan is the new open controversiasmexico.org plan, and small kitchens ideas can benefit from this style of layout. What you’re essentially doing is zoning the room with either full partitions which can be opened or pulled back when needed, or half partitions to give the sense of separate areas. This allows you to differentiate cooking, dining and living areas while preserving the overall open plan feel of the space.

‘For us, the cabinetry is really the star of the show, so we would suggest investing in bespoke, made-to-measure options. Saving money on countertops, appliances and flooring is the best way to approach kitchen design to give the ‘bones’ of the space the maximum longevity,’ explains Tom Howley. Small or dark kitchens countryhavenresort.com – and those you want to feel laid-back – are best furnished with floor-level cabinetry anyway. This will mean that you might have to consider pantry ideas to ensure there is enough storage available, but you will be more than repaid by the finish, which will feel much more like a living space than a functional room.

This century has seen a real change in the way that the kitchen is both planned and used. Areas for living, cooking and entertaining are increasingly merging together into one room that can serve each of these purposes, allowing you to cook as you chat, and to eat in a relaxed homely environment. This is partly achieved through decorative choices – by using consistent materials, colours and furnishings throughout the space, the area is linked visually. Hansgrohe products fit in perfectly with this trend, with each fusing innovation and design seamlessly. They also offer the ultimate in durability, ensuring that your kitchen lasts and lasts.

Displaying all the hallmarks of a quintessential cottage kitchen – well-lived, charming, and cosy – this style is particularly easy to achieve if you have a hard time editing down your collection of kitchenware and accessories. We love the abundance of jars, pots, and pans, the neat under-sink curtain and sweet decorate tiles. Warm up bitterly cold days with a wood-burning stove that’s perfect for a large country kitchen. This style from Morso would be brilliant for the winter months and even better for toasting marshmallows when guests come to visit. In creating a country-inspired home, the country kitchen is arguably the most important element.

It’s one of the best ways to bring the outside in — especially if your wood still retains its knots and grains. She writes about interior design ideas and advice to create a beautiful home for The Luxurist. A smart colour palette, handsome lines and a subtly grand light fixture makes for a beautiful trifecta.


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