20 Ideas for Making a Small Kitchen Look Bigger

Handles, locks and latches can all be easily replaced and if you opt for on-trend brass or matt black choices, they can elevate your kitchen instantly. Integrating appliances can be a costly business but leaving them exposed sometimes means they can spoil the look of your kitchen. New marathonmontpelliermetropole.com appliances can refresh your kitchen without changing any of the furniture. You’ll need to ensure that they will fit into the existing space, though. By simply attaching two handles and a length of dowel to a wall you can create a storage solution for all manner of kitchen accessories.

  • White helps to add more space to it with white appliances working up magic.
  • Finally, to complement the architecture of the home, craftsman cabinets were installed.
  • They are pieces that I’ve collected over the years – some are very good but others are virtually postcards,’ Butter says.
  • You won’t be able to fit bulky items in slimmer cabinets, but can hang your pots and pans from the ceiling and utensils from hooks underneath cupboards.

‘A beautiful ladder provides an interesting, eye-catching feature, while the metal rail introduces a punchy design detail in this SieMatic SLX kitchen project by Adam Knibb Architects. Position is key if you want to maximize the levels of natural light coming in. Think about where and at what time of day you’ll need the most daylight.

Zone a small space

There are a whole host of kitchen splashback ideas available that are perfect for protecting your walls in style. Glass and stainless steel can be expensive options, but sometimes less is more and you can use a small amount to make a statement. There are a range of wall panelling ideas available to try out in your home.

kitchen remodel ideas

While we all like to stay on top of the newest trends, it’s vital to avoid using too many contemporary items in your design unless they can be readily replaced in a few years. For your kitchen makeover, larger components, such as cabinetry and even countertops, should have a timeless aesthetic so you don’t have to go through a huge remodel when the trend fades. For your fashionable selections, concentrate on backsplash tile, cabinet hardware, and lighting. Even if you plan on living in your house for many years to come, it’s always important to consider the return on investment for an upcoming remodel. You may be surprised to find that some of the highest cost kitchen remodels will not yield high returns later, while simple, low-cost changes can make a profound impact on your home’s value.

Add geometric patterns

Marble is naturally water-resistant, which makes it perfect for your kitchen backsplash ideas. One of the most popular building projects for homeowners, the side return extension can create a big open-plan room with space for dining and radiocaferoma.org seating. As well as adding more space it can also increase the value of your home, if you decide to sell, too. If you are struggling for cooking and dining space, creating a bigger kitchen with side extension ideas could be the answer.

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They are not only resistant to harsh heat and cold, but they are also easier to clean. You might not always have time to scrub those burners and spilled food. Stainless steel appliances, on the other hand, only require a fast wipe to remove residue and stains, leaving your kitchen pristine.

There are many, many ways to make a house a home but to make a home really speak to you, you’ve got to dig deep and discover your personality. She exhibits bold bursts of dark tones contrasted with uplifting pastels throughout her space, especially so in her kitchen. bensonfarmersmarket.org She’s chosen to focus on cool furnishings, splashes of lively plants and gallery-style feature prints to maintain a modern vibe. The kitchen itself is a classic choice of a Belfast sink and simple fresh, white cabinetry to keep the space light and welcoming.

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