December 6, 2022


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20 Inspiring Kitchen Remodel Ideas

While a kitchen isn't the traditional space for a rug, with careful consideration it can be a great addition to make the space look more expensive on a budget. The warm hue of the spotlights complements the stainless steel worktop and give a homely atm

While a kitchen isn’t the traditional space for a rug, with careful consideration it can be a great addition to make the space look more expensive on a budget. The warm hue of the spotlights complements the stainless steel worktop and give a homely atmosphere to the contemporary style. A favourite for installation in kitchen-diners with an exterior wall, bifold or sliding doors provide for a seamless finish to a modern kitchen. The homeowners of this Victorian terrace undertook a whole house renovation and the kitchen formed the basis of the whole project. Any gaps where flooring meets cabinet will be hidden by plinths or trims.

kitchen remodel ideas

There are several ways to remodel a kitchen and scale-up space, from combining adjoining rooms to building a completely new room, or digging out the basement. ‘There are a multitude of creative ways to maximize storage in the kitchen. ‘One way is to invest in full ceiling height cupboards with a traditional sliding ladder, which also makes a great decorative feature. An expanse of glass – paired with characterful brickwork – is often effective.

Let your island take center stage

Your kitchen will remain uncluttered and aesthetically beautiful when everything has a place and everything stays in its place. It also enables a smooth operation without running into anything whilst hurrying to finish a meal. These unique details give your kitchen personality, making it feel more inviting and inviting. Still, with minor pieces of furniture like bar stools and a range hood that appeal to your potential purchasers, you can customize a little to bring style and design to the property.

Smart home tech is a must-have for futureproofed kitchen remodels. Whether it’s something simple like a voice-activated speaker or full house automation, smart home tech can make daily life that little bit easier. Larders are a great addition to any kitchen remodel, whether you’ve large amounts of space or not.

  • Which is why small kitchen layout ideas all focus on one algorithm.
  • If you’ve got a small kitchen, flooding it with white will instantly make it appear much larger than it really is.
  • A fabulous floor is all the pattern a kitchen needs to add some flair and you can take a number of effective approaches for your desired effect.
  • In the kitchen she used Belgian bluestone that spans the kitchen floor and three different opaline lights from Drew Pritchard, which hang between beams above the island.
  • Of course, the material you choose will depend on your budget, preferences, and needs.

This on-trend design is a great way to give a kitchen a fresh, country look using budget kitchen ideas. If a tatty floor is letting the scheme down, there are a range of smart kitchen flooring ideas to choose from that will breathe new life into your space. Laminate is perfect for budget kitchen ideas, being incredibly cost-effective to purchase. If you have spare cash, consider extras, such as heat rods, that can be fitted into the surface for a permanent pan stand or a built-in draining board. Whether you want some simple ideas for a quick update or you just need some inspiration around what you can achieve in your space for under £100, we’ve included it all in this jam-packed budget kitchen ideas guide. There’s plenty you can do with a little imagination, low-cost materials and a range of clever kitchen ideas to choose from.

Don’t rule out adding a glass structure as a way of gaining extra space. Adding a modern glass extension on to a period house can be a striking way of making a clear distinction between old and new, while still maintaining the integrity of the building fabric. When remodeling the kitchen in a period home, choose a design that enhances the build and character of the original property for a more sympathetic look. Using materials that complement the existing property and a design that is sensitive to the heritage will help new additions look like they’ve always been there, rather than standing out as new. Sophie has been an interior stylist and journalist for over 20 years and has worked for many of the main interior magazines during that time, both in-house and as a freelancer. On the side, as well as being the News Editor for indie magazine, 91, she trained to be a florist in 2019 and launched The Prettiest Posy where she curates beautiful flowers for modern weddings and events.

Effective Storage

You shouldn’t be sacrificing style with cramped quarters or old wood, even if you’re limited to a price tag. At Kitchen Magic, we’re experts at renovating a kitchen space at a lower cost. So our team can completely guide you through all of your options until you’re 100% satisfied.

A wraparound extension can pretty much double the existing floor space, so is ideal if you want to create an open-play layout that incorporates kitchen, dining and living space in one large, open area. Remodeling a kitchen is one of the top projects in period and country properties, with also proving popular in new homes too. Choosing a kitchen countertop carefully is a vital part of the budget kitchen remodel process. It’s important not only that the material suits the look and style of your kitchen, but that it suits your lifestyle too. Budget kitchen remodel ideas are one of the top projects in period and country properties, with kitchen remodel ideas also proving popular in new homes too. So, in the spirit of celebrating the potential of galley kitchens, we’ve put together our top 11 favourites at the moment.