December 6, 2022


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4 Ways to Make a House in a Residential Complex Feel Personal

4 Ways to Make a House in a Residential Complex Feel Personal

4 Ways to Make a House in a Residential Complex Feel Personal

House – If you live in a housing complex, most of the house designs are almost uniform if not exactly the same. There are several developers who have a policy of not allowing homeowners to change the building, especially the front of the house. This may be intended so that the housing complex still looks harmonious in the same style.

However, that doesn’t mean you can’t decorate the inside of the house so you don’t seem the same as other houses in the complex where you live. Here are four ways to make your home feel ‘very you’ every time you or someone else enters it. To know more about travel you can visit this site kelilingkota

Create your own artwork

If you have a talent for painting, you can make your own paintings for you to display on the walls of your house. Since the painting is your handiwork, of course, it won’t be anywhere else. That way, your home will feel special and different from other houses in the complex.

For those of you who can’t paint, don’t worry. You can create works of art in other forms. Maybe you like to embroider or something. Place it in a frame and mount it on the wall.

Take advantage of special moments

Special things that are immortalized in the form of photos, notes and the like can also be used as wall decorations that show the special things of the owner of the house. Important and precious moments will of course make the wall look very personal.

For example, during a picnic with family, it will be a photo that has emotional value for the residents of the house.

Custom furniture

You can also order furniture especially made for you. Visit craftsmen in your area and explain the furniture design you want. The manufacture of this particular furniture will give a personal touch to the decor of the contents of the house as a whole.

Even though it is custom made, it doesn’t have to be a complete set of furniture. You can only make one or two unique pieces of furniture as an accent in your home.


Making your own various items at home is a form of activity that makes your items different and has personal value. Of course you don’t have to make everything yourself. Just one or two types of items that you know well how to make.

For example, seat cushion covers. You can make it yourself if you have sewing skills. You can also make a tablecloth with your favorite motif.

Those are four ways to make your home feel personal even if you live in a housing complex. The most important thing is that you maintain the cleanliness and tidiness of your home and harmony with other residents in your complex in order to remain comfortable living there.

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