December 6, 2022


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440 Best Kitchen Ideas in 2022

It’s also the most important way to work out where your kitchen lights will go. A freestanding kitchen island will usually have legs, lifting it just off the floor or even creating more of a table, depending on what you opt for. They come in the range

It’s also the most important way to work out where your kitchen lights will go. A freestanding kitchen island will usually have legs, lifting it just off the floor or even creating more of a table, depending on what you opt for. They come in the range of sizes, from compact to as big as any other type of island. These types of islands don’t usually house appliances or sinks, so take this into consideration.

Put up extra shelving and hanging rails to make use of every available space. If a tatty floor is letting the scheme down, there are a range of smart kitchen flooring ideas to choose from that will breathe new life into your space. If you don’t mind the shape of your existing handles, put your budget kitchen ideas hat on and consider instead updating them with spray paint for under £10.

  • Open kitchen shelving ideas can have a huge impact in a small kitchen, creating an open and airy feel.
  • If you can, go for an open-fronted cabinet (or one that’s glazed if you’re worried about dust gathering) as solid doors will produce a heavier aesthetic that’s not ideal for a kitchen short on space.
  • After decades of being counselled on the benefits of sticking to safe, neutral design when renovating, today’s modern rustic kitchen trend is a breath of fresh air.
  • If you have a similar home project, consult our expert designers to see how we can design your dream space.
  • For those who love sleek, modern designs with clean lines and uninterrupted curves.
  • From choosing the right kitchen layout to perfecting the lighting, read on for kitchen design ideas to inspire you.

ACCESSORIES ‘Gabriel’ wicker and rattan ceiling light, £950; wicker picnic basket, from £680; both from Atelier Vime. ‘Vallauris’ glazed earthenware pottery , by Foucard-Jourdan, from £115, from M Charpentier Antiques. Green glass decanter, £320; and tumblers, £40 each; amber glass tumblers, £30 each; all from Guinevere. The designer Guy Goodfellow installed these beautiful partitioned oak shelves in the kitchen of this house in Dartmoor. Inspired by the potter Lucie Rie’s studio, they are the perfect place to display the owners collection of English slipware ceramics.

Introduce vintage furniture

Place mirrors behind shelving to make small kitchen ideas feel twice as big. The kitchen has always been the engine of the home, but it’s not always necessarily the most spacious of rooms. Many of us are working with small kitchen ideas, so if you’re frustrated by the lack of space in yours, you’re certainly not alone.

From midnight blues to pastel hues, bring a splash of colour to your space with a blue kitchen. Finally, look at painting over cheap tiles in a statement shade, cover tired worktops with Fablon vinyl and replace bog-standard taps with smarter counterparts. Brands such as Superfronts create stylish cabinet and drawer fronts that are designed to work with IKEA unit.

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However, if you struggle to keep your kitchen shelves tidy, be warned that without a cabinet door there is nowhere for the mess to hide. Then, you could always add a bookshelf to your kitchen wall and fill it with cookbooks, pots and pans. The open shelves against the textured wall will give a rustic feel to the small kitchen ideas and distract from the lack of space. Henri Fitzwilliam-Lay, the owner of this Victorian country house in Shropshire, has enhanced the interiors of this grand property with her signature mid-century aesthetic without compromising original features. In this blue and white kitchen, white subway tiles and marble herringbone flooring give the room an industrial edge, which works well below elegant cornicing.

Wendy Labrum brings loft and country styles together in this city kitchen. Vermont pine was used for the cabinets in restauranteur Keith McNally’s kitchen, for its rich warmth and depth. All were made in New York and shipped over; as were the reconditioned tiles, most of which are over 100 years old and come from demolished or refurbished factories. French cafe chairs from Maison Gatti add colour, while copper worktops are chic but practical. Farrow & Ball ‘Setting Plaster’ was used on the walls in the kitchen of this eighteenth-century house in Bath. Vintage wall lights from Felix Lighting Specialists are positioned above the Plain English kitchen units, which are painted in Pure & Original ‘Summerset Mauve’; the island is in ‘Post Modern Mauve’.

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With so much going on in your kitchen, it can be hard to keep everything clean and tidy on the go. Shop around for space-saving multipurpose appliances, such as the GoodHome Bamia compact oven microwave which has the functionality of an oven and microwave, all in a compact space. Book a Free Design Consultation to chat with a Magnet designer online or in-store. Find inspiration for your own kitchen and see how our customers have achieved their dream kitchen. Vary the way artwork is displayed by hanging some on the wall and propping other pieces casually against it for an informal feel. Alternatively, for a less permanent option cover the front of the household appliance with a leftover roll of wallpaper attached with double sided sticky tape.

White is the most obvious candidate and can create a visually dazzling effect when applied in bright kitchens with a gloss finish. However, in recent years, grey has become the new white, as this on-style tone can provide a slightly less rugged look while maintaining a neutral and sophisticated colour scheme. A new kitchen island with masses of storage space underneath it not only adds more space to tidy away pots and pans but is itself a very modern kitchen feature. There’s one school of thought that says small spaces benefit more from mutedcolour palettes.