5 Top Bathroom Remodel Tips and Advice

Red Box London can include disposal of your old bathroom components and sanitary ware in any quote and project plan. We are environmentally conscious and act responsibly when it comes to all waste disposal, re-use or recycling. We install bathrooms using our own employees and specialist subcontractors such as plumbers and electricians depending on your requirements. Either way, your project manager and point of contact will always be a member of the Red Box London team.

  • Read our article on planning your bathroom layout to find out how.
  • Tony Hateley of TH Developments Ltd offers advice on how to plan a budget your build and avoid unnecessary difficulties.
  • Once you’re satisfied, you can adapt the circuit and move the cables as you need, to create new sockets, switches and light fittings.
  • It can be a perilous exercise without the right knowledge and expertise.
  • First fix plumbing and electrics, putting new services in place and dealing with now defunct pipes and wiring.

Drains for walk-in showers and low-profile trays are one example. Removing old floor tiles isn’t difficult but you do need suitable tools and protective clothing to work safely. Turn the water supply off at the mains and at the supply points to each item before you start work. Fit a quick connector or terminal block to each exposed wire for maximum safety. If you’re in the market for buying or remodeling your Bathroom, you may find our exhaustive Bathroom Furniture Buying Guideuseful in deciding the right furniture for your needs. This software has been designed for non-professionals with mostly drag and drop options, but it delivers stunning professional results.

Bathroom Remodel Ideas

This is especially the case when the walls are structural . Don’t automatically think that if you’ve watched a YouTube video on how to grout tiles that you’re now an expert and you can do it yourself. As with most other tasks and trades, there’s a great deal of skill required in grouting that you can only get from years of experience. Installing poor or insufficient lighting can lead to spots of darkness, where you find yourself squinting to see in the low light and corners that are always covered in blanket of darkness. Always switch off the mains power before doing any electrical work.

You may want to know how long a bathroom renovation in London might take or how much a total bathroom refurbishment might cost? We can accurately advise you on refurbishment prices so there are no unexpected costs. We are here to make the renovation process as simple as possible so contact us with any questions. Trustpage for customer reviews on complete refurbishments in London and beyond. You can also check out our Instagram account for more inspiration.

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More achievable jobs like tiling around a basin might be a good place to start if you’re really keen to make your mark. But even if you fancy trying your hand at doing some parts of the project yourself, there are radiocaferoma.org some things are best left to the experts. While you may have your heart set on installing a specific washbasin or vanity, be prepared to sacrifice this dream if it looks like you lack the space for it to fit.

Step 3 How can I get the most from my bathroom layout?

As with the kitchen, no-one wants to be living without a bathroom for too long! That’s another benefit of working with Refresh – because we’ll coordinate all the tradespeople for you, to ensure your project runs efficiently to schedule. webimag.com If you have limited space, consider turning your entire suite into a shower by installing a wet room that can be enjoyed by the entire family. Take your shortlist to your local retailer to bring the look to your home.

Bathroom Installation

We’ll give it to you straight – renovating your bathroom or adding a new one won’t give you the same return as a new cellar or a kitchen extension, but it will typically add 4-5% to the value of your home. Of course, this number differs according to the level of design you go for and how you execute jurnalnasional.com the build. Recessed cabinets, toilet roll holders and shower shelves are a great way to introduce smart storage without compromising on space. Recessed storage is the perfect way to ensure everything has a place in your bathroom without introducing unsightly storage that takes up space.

You should begin by taking a look at the layout of your existing bathroom, including sanitaryware, windows, doors, pipework and radiators/towel rails. Note down what areas of the space you want to change or retain when renovating the bathroom. The view when you enter is a good starting point for a bathroom design.


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