December 6, 2022


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5 Ways to Make a Soundproof Room, Banish Noise from Outside

5 Ways to Make a Soundproof Room, Banish Noise from Outside

5 Ways to Make a Soundproof Room, Banish Noise from Outside

Having a soundproof residence that is far from the noise outside can indeed make you calm. However, it may be quite difficult for those who live near the center of the crowd. Even so, noise from outside can actually be muffled by making the room soundproof.

To create a soundproof room, you don’t really have to do a total or massive renovation. The process of making it can be circumvented with other alternatives that are more efficient, easy to implement, and affordable.

Reporting from the Popular Mechanics page, here are some ways you can do to make a soundproof room.

Adding drywall

Drywall or gypsum board panels affixed to the surface of the walls of the room are very effective at muffled sounds from outside.

The drywall installation process is fairly easy and fast because it does not require water or other materials.

Gypsum board material is quite environmentally friendly and economical. Drywall itself has a thickness of about 5/16 inches.

Thick carpet

Please note that extraneous sounds from outside generally can penetrate into the room due to reflections from walls or floors.

For that, to make the room soundproof, you can work around this by using thick carpets that are installed on the floor and walls.

So that the sound reflection can be muffled more optimally, make sure you add a carpet base such as a cushion at the bottom.

Door seal soundproof

How to make a soundproof room can also be done by installing a soundproof door seal in the cracks of the bottom or side doors. To know more information about the business you can visit this site marathonmontpelliermetropole

By installing a door seal, sounds from outside the room will be suppressed so they don’t leak inside.

Make sure you use the type of door seal that has the best material such as rubber, or foam such as cork.

Soundproofing curtains

Installing windows that can’t be opened is actually less effective at blocking outside noise.

Alternatively, you can use a type of soundproofing curtain made of polyester, suede, or velvet with a soundproofing effect.

In addition to effectively suppressing noise. This type of curtain is also able to block sunlight from outside which is too glaring into the room.

Acoustic panels

In general, acoustic panels are more often installed in recording studio rooms, home theaters, or auditoriums to drown out the sound from the echo or reverberation effect.

Quality acoustic panel material must have an NRC value, namely noise reduction coefficient to effectively absorb sound properly.

How to make a soundproof room with acoustic panels can usually be ordered through a special service that also offers installation services to completion.

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