50 Kitchen Design Ideas That Will Absolutely Stun You

Spaces like these need natural texture to stop them looking too clinical. ‘A kitchen needs to feel light and bright – all day long and during the evening, too,’ says Homes & Gardens Editor in Chief Lucy Searle. Galley kitchens were originally designed to be both compact and ultra-efficient, maximising every inch of space for both storage and preparation.

Every one of our kitchen pictures is different but most suit one of the five basic layouts. But before you begin picking out the worktop and base cabinets, it’s worth spending a little time planning. If you want to create the kitchen of your dreams then maximise the storage and reduce the clutter. Even for existing kitchens there’s always space for more storage, corner pantry units, shelving over wall cabinets, extra hooks for pots and pans, racks displaying dry goods and spices, etc. While too many floor-to-ceiling cabinets can make small spaces feel enclosed, it is usually a good idea to include one on one wall in your kitchen. They do take up wall space, but they can help with storing more substantial items, like mops and hoovers, or function as a pantry for your cupboard grocery products.

Simply put, when it comes to our diet the more freshly prepared dishes we consume the better and equally the more we can cut down on processed foods the better for our overall wellbeing. Kitchen design ideas are the key to converting our kitchen into a more efficient, more appealing and more inspirational environment to indulge in all things culinary. This article considers 12 kitchen design ideas that can be applied to any kitchen no matter what the layout. But first, let’s look at some generic kitchen design configurations. Straightforward, sleek and stylish – what’s not to love about a simple kitchen layout?

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Microcement set to be huge kitchen trends for 2022 that also provide a useful waterproof surface that makes it great used around sinks, streamlining fussy details like upstands and tiled splashbacks. A true industrial masterpiece, this unique kitchen design is flavourful, modern and refined. The black touches add a masculine effect while the tall ceiling makes the room feel imposing.

Timber is a beautiful material for your modern kitchen ideas, but if you start your scheme with a wood floor, you might feel like you can’t include it in the rest of your space. Actually, mixing wood tones can create a sophisticated, nuanced scheme with lots of warmth and character. That means our gallery of the best modern kitchen ideas is an eclectic bunch, from farmhouse style spaces with a contemporary aesthetic, to playful pastels kitchens full of geometric design.

Which kitchen ideas should be avoided?

Best attached to an open-plan living area, this design allows for plenty of storage room, extra counter space and multiple cooks. Throw in some stools and you also have an ideal seating area when guests come to visit. Bear in mind that size does matter when it comes radiocaferoma.org to the length of your bench — you don’t want your peninsula to be too long and thus make you feel trapped. Installing new kitchen cabinet handles is a small kitchen design idea which can have an unexpectedly big impact on the look and feel of your kitchen.

  • With our new Innovo range, it’s easier than ever to bring the elegant handleless look to your own home.
  • Large kitchens and big families can really benefit from utilizing kitchen island ideas to add extra storage and preparation space.
  • ‘It’s a good piece of social furniture and effectively creates two different spaces, one for cooking and one for prep, with one person at the island and the other at the worktop.
  • Used grey as the predominant shade in the marble-look island, with black painted cabinets as an accent next to warmer, stained wood cabinetry and bright turquoise bar stools in this lakeside retreat.
  • An extendable table will enable you to cater for larger parties or gatherings but not take up too much space day to day.

Combined with floor to ceiling mirrored pantry doors, a triple pendant light and beautifully veined marble , the room really needs nothing else. Jean-Louis Deniot’s own Paris kitchen is simply beautiful and beautifully simple. By reimagining unembellished antikvariat-ant.com cabinetry in a subtle, hammered metal gold, the Parisian designer achieves effortless glamour. Australian architecture firm Cloud Dwellers utilised two-tone laminate cabinetry and terrazzo countertops to modernise the kitchen of this suburban home.

How to paint kitchen cabinets

You’ll usually find her attempting DIY, whether it’s spray painting her whole kitchen, don’t try that at home, or ever changing the wallpaper in her hallway. Last year she moved from renting to owning her first teeny tiny Edwardian flat in London with her whippet Willow (who yes she chose to match her interiors…) and is already on the lookout for her next project. The best way to layout a kitchen is going to be totally based on your space and how you use it. However, there are the key, ever-popular designs that ensure an efficient use of space – U-shaped, L-shaped, galley, island, and peninsular. The way you configure a kitchen has got to be the most important design decision you will make, and while it may not be as exciting as picking a cabinet style or choosing a paint color it needs just as much thought. While a white kitchen will remain a classic, grey kitchens have become more popular in recent years, offering limitless options when it comes to design.

U-shaped kitchens are another great small space option, but can work equally well in open-plan spaces, or wrapped around an island in a larger kitchen. They are ideal layouts for avid cooks, as they are designed with boutiqueuggofr.com the kitchen triangle rule in mind. The fridge, cooker, and sink can all be arranged within easy reach and you can easily move between them. But where do you start when choosing the best layout for your space?

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