December 6, 2022


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75 Beautiful Kitchen Ideas and Designs

Restrict your kitchen update to the splashback area for a subtle change, or carry your new tiling further into your kitchen for a bigger update to make your kitchen feel like a whole new space. Design a layout packed full of storage and practical featu

Restrict your kitchen update to the splashback area for a subtle change, or carry your new tiling further into your kitchen for a bigger update to make your kitchen feel like a whole new space. Design a layout packed full of storage and practical features, with the help of these peninsula ideas. With cabinetry on three walls and an additional perpendicular run, it is a prime opportunity to make the most out of available space. You could also look into bespoke kitchen designs that incorporate creative painted designs too. This kitchen by Wood Works Brighton is a good example of how paint can be used to create a space with real wow-factor. Industrial design is the rage right now and this kitchen brilliantly incorporates elements like the lighting.

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This super functional kitchen design offers a lot of storage space, a large sink and a generous stove. With simple, white kitchen wall cupboards and cabinets, dark marble worktops and wood effect floors, this kitchen is elegant and timeless. Minimalist design is huge right now and looks timeless when used in a kitchen design. For a minimalist colour palette, you can’t go wrong with a duo chromatic palette. A predominantly white kitchen is soothing, clean, fresh and ageless. It’s gorgeously complemented by deep blue, which is practical, elegant and easy on the eyes.

Modern kitchen ideas: 22 kitchen design trends for 2022

This could be achieved by fitting a roof light, or painting the reveals of existing windows. For easier cleaning and improved hygiene a good quality extractor fan is essential, a good one will make sure the kitchen environment is fresh by cutting out lingering smells. Nowadays the range of fans is vast, their performance is exceptional, and their design can in fact enhance the kitchen design as a whole.

  • You are likely to inherit some unusual nooks in older country properties, so taking a flexible approach to your kitchen design may be necessary.
  • Instead, shelving provides that extra storage and space to add character and texture.
  • Usually suited to medium-to-large sized kitchen layout ideas, an island can contribute valuable extra storage and worktop space that’s so sought after by large families.
  • Renovating a kitchen is alway a smart move for increasing the value of your home.
  • Use light fixtures to your advantage and add points of interest within your kitchen planning.

Most smaller kitchen designs don’t have enough space for a separate dining area. Or, you could use a multifunctional kitchen island that works for preparing, dining, and storage. If you think you will need an area for dining in your kitchen space, do your research into the range of small kitchen table ideas out there. The glass doors and the glass ceiling pendant lights add a sleek look to this kitchen design idea. Combined with the wooden kitchen table and the white wall tiles, the style of this room is modern, chic and timeless. The gorgeous two-toned kitchen wall cupboards are functional and easy to use.

‘In time, I’ve realised that there’s a second kitchen work triangle that no one talks about overtly – but it’s really important. Multi-use spaces are increasingly sought after, and an island can be used to prepare dinner while also keeping an eye on the kids, as well as doubling up as a socialising area, work space, or homework desk. Placing these two important elements centrally within each run of units is the best approach, with the dishwasher on the sink side of the run and the refrigerator on the side of the hob.

Make the most of a large kitchen

Installing new kitchen cabinetry gives you the opportunity to reimagine your kitchen, your way. From implementing clever storage solutions for your essential kitchen equipment, to creating larders for your favourite ingredients, a new kitchen can completely transform the functionality and look of your space. Create a design with plenty of storage by opting for a u-shaped floorplan as found in these ideas. Maximising all available wall space for cabinetry will help to keep your room clean and clutter-free. Handleless kitchens look great when used in floor-to-ceiling banks, often looking more like interesting wall cladding in appearance than a functional kitchen.

‘While the architecture of the cabinetry may pay homage to a particular era, the equipment can be state of the art and tailored to your lifestyle,’ explains Jane Stewart, Design Director at Mowlem & Co. Here’s a breakdown of some of the most popular choices, including modern, classic, country and modern rustic… If your kitchen extension features an expanse of glass, then it is imperative to pay extra attention to the material choice inside your kitchen. There’s an element of care involved in the maintenance of all kinds of stone as it is a naturally porous material.

To arrange an appointment visit a showroom or book an appointment now. The L- shaped kitchen is great for small and large spaces, highly practical this configuration is extremely flexible. The Galley kitchen works for small reduced spaces where 2 rows of cabinets face one another, a minimum of 1200mm is required between however. The One Wall kitchen gathers all the cabinets and appliances into one continuous run, while the Free-standing or island kitchen requires a large space with specific plumbing requirements. When undertaking a DIY kitchen project, there’s lots of things to consider. Cool and contemporary or warm and homely, the Wren Kitchens range of modern kitchen designs are available to suit every taste and kitchen size.

Kitchen trends come and go, but planning a layout essentially remains the same. And while we have swapped compact kitchens for open plan living, it is interesting to see how these shapes have found new relevance in a larger space. It’s incredibly sensible to choose classic kitchen cabinet ideas, as this way the design, finish and color will not date within the life of the kitchen. Shaker cabinetry or flat-fronted doors are both safe choices, while white, grey or blue kitchens are enduringly popular. Having a well designed kitchen, somewhere pleasant and bright where you want to spend time, is a great encouragement to healthier food choices and honing cooking skills.