9 Ways To Save On The Cost Of A Bathroom

Anyone with young children, for example, may well want a bath and should think about easy-to-clean and non-slip surfaces. Alternatively, a walk-in shower and twin basins might be better suited to a main en suite bathroom. If you use a builder to oversee the project, they may be able to work with you on the bathroom layout or even come up with several bathroom layout ideas for you. Ask friends or family if they’re comfortable and experienced in tiling to help trim your labour costs down. Your contractors will remove your old bathroom suite, and either dispose of it in a skip or keep it behind for you if you plan to pass it on to someone else or sell it as a reclaimed suite. To reduce costs, it’s worth asking friends and family if they are confident with tiling as you might get lucky and have a willing volunteer to help with your renovation.

  • However, smaller bathrooms might need new plumbing to be more accessible or space-efficient.
  • As a starting point, a plumber should be able to carry out a simply like-for-like bathroom retrofit in two or three days, as well as removing the old one — this would cost around £1,000.
  • Confirm your final brief and select your sanitaryware, materials, fittings and fixtures in collaboration with your builder.

Where new fittings require the existing floors to be reinforced — a common issue when new, luxury baths are being installed. If you replace your flooring or your tiling to fit your current suite, you’ll just end up having to re-do medellinnovation.org sections when your new fittings are in, which will waste time and money in the long run. A plumber is estimated to cost between £160 to £300 per day and the biggest factor impacting their day rate is the scope of the job.

What building regulations do I need to consider?

Additional pipework – and considerably more time – will be needed if you plan on changing the position of the bath, toilet or basin. For a complete bathroom refurbishment, you can probably expect the work to take approximately 6-8 days. It’s definitely worth hiring a professional tiler, as someone who is inexperienced can take two or three times as long to tile your bathroom. All these elements combined can make up the input for a new bathroom cost calculator, so you can put together a rough estimate regarding how much your overall outlay will be. Once you’ve paid for the high-quality goods – like the ones available at Big Bathroom Shop – you’ll then have to consider the cost of the install, and check the previous work of any potential plumbers.

bathroom remodel cost

Not all acrylics baths are cheap though and those made from thicker, fibreglass-reinforced acrylic are of a much better quality. The cost of a bath will depends on the material it is made from and whether it is a standard size or a bottlerockculvercity.com more unusual size. The types of materials you choose will also affect the cost – you can choose from vinyl, ceramic, stone, engineered wood and even concrete. We have therefore not gone into costs for materials in this article.

Full-pedestal basins are often cheaper and offer a traditional look. Before you get started choosing sanitaryware and looking at the latest bathroom designs, you should spend time planning a bathroom properly in order to ensure it is perfectly suited to your individual needs. Installing a new small radiator is estimated to cost between £170 to £190. If you’re longing to rejuvenate the radiocaferoma.org look of a tired and dated bathroom, gutting out your existing bathroom suite and starting afresh is usually the best way to go. Doing this can help you to save money along the way which, if still left over at the end of your project, can be spent on extras to add some personality to your bathroom. Whilst some bathroom fitters include flooring in their quotes, many others don’t.

Which trade professional you choose

Some models come with built-in LED light strips that will lift your spirits even on the worst of days. Changing the layout of your bathroom can add significantly to the cost of the bathroom renovation, as you have to move the plumbing around. Painting a sink vanity is a great way to bring an old piece of furniture up to date and help save on the cost of the bathroom renovation. Many renovators find DIY jobs such as tiling, panelling and painting straightforward and enjoy being involved in the work.

A carpenter will need to adjust the timber framing and reline your walls. Ceramic tiles are more porous and will be more prone to staining, so choose a porcelain or luxury vinyl tile which will be more hardwearing. If you are thinking about a renovation project in the near future and need some help with where to start with your project, try our renovation advice session.


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