Affordable Kitchen Makeovers & Ideas You’ll Love

And while many modern kitchens take a minimalist’s approach with pared down palettes, why not include everything and the kitchen sink? With a steady hand, you can layer in a spread of materials like a patchwork that builds a rich character. If you are keen to add character to your kitchen and not sure how, an eye-catching floor is an easy win when it comes to kitchen flooring ideas. Lighting is an important part of a good design, but the power it can have is not always harnessed.

  • Whether you’re designing from scratch or planning a kitchen remodel, here are a few elements that can work wonders.
  • This jaunty kitchen decorating idea comes from Joanna Wood in a Cotswold house she worked on.
  • Where some kitchen islands provide a clear and clean space to prep and socialize, others play a vital part in the working dynamics of the kitchen.
  • You’ll find easy recipes, along with tips and trends centered around home design, DIY projects, entertaining, holidays, and travel.
  • Emerged in the purity and bliss of pure white, kitchen appliances look all the more appealing, especially when combined with striking colors.

Stainless steel, however, appeals to the young generation and it renders a high-end feeling. A 19th-century former whaler’s cottage in North Sydney has been transformed by Australian interior designer Lisa Burdus into a vibrant, comfortable home with a nod to classic English country style. The pink paint from the sitting room continues on the panelling and wall cupboards in the kitchen, part of the same open-plan space, while an island painted in Dulux’s ‘Green Gables’ offers a striking contrast. Emac and Lawton’s ‘Chelsea’ table lamp is paired with a pleated green silk shade from Samarkand Design. While some modern kitchens emphasize sleek surfaces and an abundance of stainless steel, they can often look, well, cold. But in these kitchen ideas, the designers at A1000XBetter relaxed the space—a major feat, considering they doubled the original kitchen’s size—by grounding the interiors with material touches.

Kitchen Renovation Ideas:

Anchored with a soft color palette and a mix of organic materials, Portland-based designer Jessica Helgerson created a cool and collected mood that accommodated a louder, lush tile design. In the kitchen above, a range of materials and finishes—from glass to metal, wood, and stone—collide like a medley. “I love lighting, I use it like jewelry on an outfit—it really has the power to make or break a room,” says Tatum Kendrick, the designer behind Los Angeles’ Studio Hus.

kitchen remodel ideas

Units by Orwells Furniture are teamed with ‘The Crillon Stools’ from Soane, upholstered in ‘Walnut Cowhide Leather’ in this smart modern kitchen in a country house by Todhunter Earle. We replace your kitchen doors, drawers and so much more to give it the classic kitchen makeover feel you’re after. Units can be replaced or added to enlarge and change the shape of your kitchen, whether it be adding a breakfast bar, or helping to make use of that awkward corner the kids (or grandkids!) fill with toys and shoes.

How do you revamp an old kitchen?

So have a clear idea of what you want and approach different brands or local kitchen companies for advice and quotes. We recommend at least three – that way, you’ll get a feel for the going rate for your dream kitchen. Our prices are an example, based on average costs gathered by the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors. The design, materials, brand and more will all impact the exact cost of your kitchen. Minor electrical work – for example adding a new socket or light switch – doesn’t need Buildings Regulation approval. Check whether your kitchen fitter or builder is capable of doing this.

We also love how this kitchen uses downlight under the wall cabinets to maximise light and use every inch of surface space to its full potential. Flow is everything when it comes to the perfect galley kitchen and odd appliances or whitewoods sticking out can disrupt the harmony of two parallel cabinets so try integrating them if possible. The better the flow in your cabinetry, the more cohesive a space looks so your galley kitchen will use space really well and look as impressive as can be. You really don’t need huge budgets to create a space that works for you. Green is a colour that symbolises the natural world and tranquility. Pale green and teal are on-trend shades and the perfect colours for adding touches to a white kitchen.

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