Are You Planning A Kitchen Remodel? We Will Help You Bring Your Design Ideas to Life

A butcher block seating area was added, which welcomed others into the space for entertaining and kept the kitchen from feeling isolated. Finally, to complement the architecture of the home, craftsman cabinets were installed. All in all, the kitchen is now much more functional to match its newfound beauty. Have you been considering changing the kitchen worktops and overall design to complement your dining room? Or maybe you’ve decided to choose a stunning kitchen island and go the whole hog for you and your family. With adding a larger island, I wanted to choose lighting that would compliment the overall color palette and finishes, but not be distracting.

  • Geometric patterns are highly fashionable in art and interior design at the moment.
  • Or why not double the use of your greenery by adding a little herb garden.
  • Stick to a rule of making sure that kitchen surfaces are always clear and that every item in the kitchen has a storage space.
  • Many period homes suffer from a lack of light and space – or indeed from unattractive additions – so a well-planned extension can transform the flow and feel.

Over in Dorset, Katie’s really made the most of storage space in her galley kitchen with floor to ceiling cabinets. Again, she’s used a petrol blue feature wall to set aside the breakfast bar eating space. Not only does this add an on-trend dose of the industrial feel but it injects so much energy into the space and allows for more timeless choices around the rest of her kitchen. Ella’s home goes to show that you don’t need a big space to make a great galley kitchen. She’s made some small key changes to the room which have totally transformed the feel. Changing your floor tiles to something more eye-grabbing allows for a simpler wall colour and an altogether more peaceful room.

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Why not step up your colour game and go for a darker hue towards the ceiling to invert typical colour combos. This kitchen is full of fun and we love to see how the owner has used the dark green colour to blend in with a living-wall style feature to conceal the beam. Together, it gives a subtle jungle feel and pairs beautifully with the metallic door pulls. Choosing a shiny floor tile is also a great way to reflect light around the room making it seem more spacious. If you’ve got a rather narrow walkway in your galley kitchen then throwing a rug down can add some cosiness and make the room feel more tied together with less space.

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Some may prefer hardwood flooring against laminate flooring or white marble flooring, but the choice depends upon several factors. Hardwood floors are available in great natural beauty, amazing colour options and styles. However, hardwood is expensive, while laminate floors are affordable, yet they mirror the look of pure wood. You may, however, opt for natural stones or floor tiles for their versatility of colours, shapes, sizes, and so on. Kitchens typically have fluorescent lighting, which makes things easy to see but casts a bluish light that impacts the color of the room. If you have fluorescent lights in your kitchen and want to counteract their effects, hang some pendant lights to provide some softer lighting and give everything a more pleasant color.

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The lucky ones among us, like with this gorgeous terraced Victorian house, have the opportunity to play with a little more room and wall space. These homeowners have used bifold doors to maximum effect, pulling in light transforming the galley kitchen into something social and relaxed. Again, the choice of timeless paint shades and minimal wall clutter make the space feel practical.

A new kettle or toaster will make a splash, too, and won’t cost the earth. You don’t need to go to the hassle of taking it all up either, as you can lay new flooring on top. Most kitchen designers will advise that you can simply run it underneath the plinths, instead of wall-to-wall, which cuts your costs further.

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