Basic kitchen renovation cost in UK

A great example of a remodel truly working in tandem with family life is this American-inspired kitchen-diner design. The exposed brick wall and contemporary use of space means there are no wasted areas between ‘zones’. Combining high-end elements with more cost-effective features is a great way to achieve a unique kitchen remodel without letting the budget run away from you. When taking on a kitchen remodel there are tips and tricks you can employ to make the space you have feel bigger.

  • Building your appliances into the kitchen and covering them with cabinetry usually requires more expensive, custom-made cabinetry.
  • You can often buy everything for your new kitchen from cabinets, work surface, splashbacks, ovens and white goods from the one firm.
  • For a power circuit extension within the same sized space will cost around £150, if added to the existing consumer unit of the property.
  • A proper plan of remodeling your kitchen will lead you to create the perfect space design you’ve always wanted.
  • These days shopkeepers are keen on using laminate flooring stores to manage heavy and congested footfalls with ease.

For solid wood or wood veneer cabinets, look for interior wood paint. The average costs of tiles will begin at around £10 per m² for the tiles alone, and increase to £25 per m² installed. For a nicer set of tiles, such as marble or composite, prices will often begin at around £30 per m² and increase to £70 per m² installed. Depending on the style of finish you choose, the costs of laminate flooring will begin at around £12 per m² and can increase to around £45 per m² for a higher quality finish. On the other hand a poorly planned kitchen remodel can actually reduce the overall value of the property. This is why it is always important to properly plan the project, use the correct recommended materials, and hire qualified, skilled tradesmen to complete the work.


Choosing the right kitchen island size is one crucial factor as this is where friends and family will congregate. Here we guide you through the process of realizing your kitchen ideas into a design that meets all your expectations. Every inch of this remodelled kitchen in a terrace home has been put to good use, including the workspace and sink area, nestled between built-in cabinets. Matched with a smoked glass splashback to reflect the light, these doors fold beside the wall to create a truly special indoor-outdoor space. If your kitchen demands heavy-duty activities, take quartz into account for its natural shiny armour, toughness and stain-resistant attribute. Otherwise, the appeal of granite lies in its purely natural state.

kitchen remodel

Another easy kitchen remodel idea is to equip the room with fashionable accessories. Blinds, herbs, flowers, exposed cups, cutlery or plates, candles, and household appliances can add a fresh and new expression to your kitchen. Kitchen remodelling is the process of changing the functionality and design of the room. It could be as simple as reconfiguring the layout by moving cookers & sinks etc. Alternatively, it could involve removing a wall to create a larger space or even building an extension.

Use Natural Materials for a Timeless Kitchen Remodel

Avoid paying more than a 25% deposit before everything is delivered. Just in case a company goes out of business or delivers damaged goods which they subsequently refuse to replace. If you’re planning a complete kitchen refresh, it’s tempting to reimagine your space with your sink, cooker and units in new places. Not really, it all depends on your budget and who you are looking to hire to complete the work. A qualified kitchen fitter will likely be able to point you in the right direction for designs and plans of what your kitchen could become.

The cost of new kitchen appliances will vastly outweigh any other costs during the project. Popular for its sleek look, the under-mount sink is a pretty picture for kitchen renovation. It offers easy cleanup task with little room for dirt to accumulate in any crevices which are actually missing from these sinks.

Experts and homeowners who have recently redone their kitchen share their tips. The best way to get a good price on your kitchen renovation is to set up a budget in advance. This will ensure that you can accurately calculate exactly how much you’ll need for the project, and then clearly communicate expectations to the contractor. As lovely as a remodelled kitchen may look in the ‘after’ photos, the actual time between the before and after can be a stressful one. If your remodel takes weeks or months, you will be living in a house without a kitchen which is not a pretty picture.


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