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The downside is that it can become discolored and easily feel plasticky. You can use this 3D bathroom planner online and get a clear insight into how your new bathroom could look. You can also add vanity units and other accessories and build a realistic 3D image as you go. The only shortcoming of this 3D bathroom app that is available on the App Store is it can be used only by iPhone and iPad users.

  • You may need to prepare the area before painting, removing any fungus, washing them with sugar soap and even possibly lightly sanding them.
  • In bathrooms with a tricky layout, a corner bath could work well.
  • If you’re short on storage a bath tray will keep your bath time supplies within easy reach, and save valuable shelf space.
  • White will open up a bathroom like no other colour, making it feel as spacious as possible.
  • Here, the storage alcoves were built from tongue-and-groove panelling, then painted in white to contrast with the raspberry walls and striking cobalt-blue tiles.

Plus, we’ve included brief, informative descriptions of each bathroom idea so you can familiarize yourself with the basics and make these your own. The artist owners of this London house called on interior designer Beata Heuman to create a family home full of fun, distinctive design and punchy colours. A highly original space, unapologetically theatrical and oozing energy.

It’s also a great way to zone an area – like this shower, for example. Another way to elevate your bathroom ideas is to switch up your brassware. Introducing exotic stone is another wonderful way of lifting a bathroom scheme. Real stone requires a larger budget, but you can find convincing lookalikes that are just as beautiful, without the high price tag or care and maintenance.

Position taps on the side of a sink

We also have further in-depth advice on bathroom safety regarding adaptations. Think about what tasks you’ll have to do, such as drying or changing your child. To ensure your bathroom doesn’t feel cold, use textures, such as exposed brick and rugs or bath mats. Adding in and mixing different materials – particularly metals, woods and concrete – will create interest and stop anything from being overpowering.

bathroom remodel ideas

Refer to your plans and install whatever new supply pipes you need. Removing old floor tiles isn’t difficult but you do need suitable tools and protective clothing to work safely. Now remove the furniture, including any cabinets, shelves and mirrors.

Click Flooring from Multipanel can be fitted together effortlessly with no need for adhesive. When the homeowners purchased this Victorian family home, this bathroom was originally a dressing room. With two beautiful large sash windows which have far-fetching views of the sea, it was immediately desired for a freestanding bath to be placed underneath the window so the views can be appreciated. This is truly a beautiful space that feels calm and collected when you walk in – the perfect antidote to the hustle and bustle of modern family life. The bathroom is accessed from the main bedroom via a few steps. Around the bathroom walls, above matchboard panelling, runs a narrow shelf made from oak from a table his parents had when he was a child.

Pink Walls & Light Wood

The contemporary bathroom is a perfect blend of simple form and high-performing functionality. Start by removing the shower panels, then remove the seals and detach the enclosure from the wall. Move the enclosure away from the wall just enough to access the water supply pipes and disconnect them. As an oasis of peace, it should be soothing, but as a functional space, it must be practical. That’s why it’s worth taking the plunge and building your own bathroom, just the way you want it. So we’ve broken the job down into simple steps that you can tackle with confidence.

You might be hesitant because of the space it would take up, but it can be flexible. It doesn’t have to be as large as the ones you see in spas, resorts, and hotels. It can be just the right size for one or two people and would just take up the same space a regular shower area would. Light If your space is dark, choose wall coverings that reflect light. Find out more aboutour installation serviceandbook a free planning appointmentto get started.

‘Aesthetics are just as important as practical elements when it comes to creating an inviting bathroom,’ says Henriette. Shelving that sticks out too far encroaches on the overall illusion of space. First, consider the toilet.🚽 Check where your soil pipe is as this determines the best location for your toilet and begin creating a layout around this. Remember to budget for labour costs which will be around 1/3 of the cost of the project.

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