December 6, 2022


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Bathroom Remodel Ideas

The potential for dimming the light is useful for different moods and definitely worth considering - think ‘relaxing bath’ vs ‘getting ready to go out’ vs ‘middle of the night trip to the bathroom’. There's no point thinking carefully about all practic

The potential for dimming the light is useful for different moods and definitely worth considering – think ‘relaxing bath’ vs ‘getting ready to go out’ vs ‘middle of the night trip to the bathroom’. There’s no point thinking carefully about all practical stuff if you’re going to forget about the finishing touches! Modern bathroom trends include matching fixtures and fittings, so if you want black brassware consider getting black towel rails , a black flush plate, etc. Fitting well into the industrial style, these dark and rather striking windows add sharp angles and allow for plenty of light to flood into the modern bathroom above. Green bathroom ideas are still incredibly popular and sage is a chic green hue that adds a more mature spin on the pastel trend that comes back year on year.

  • So whether you’re kitting out an en-suite or have a compact cloakroom that needs a refurb, we have a range of products suited to every space.
  • If you’re wondering how to decorate your bathroom, there are several aspects you need to consider – no matter what size the space is.
  • Think about characteristics.🏠 Does your space have any alcoves, sloped ceilings or other features?
  • You could also try an acrylic eggshell or satin paint, but these are better suited to low-moisture bathrooms and should only be used in low-traffic areas.
  • So we’ve broken the job down into simple steps that you can tackle with confidence.

If you have the space, why not try this for your master bathroom? Have his and her sinks, vanities, showers, toilets, and bathtubs. You might just enjoy coming and going as you please without waiting for your turn on anything.

Family Bathrooms

Having only a small area to decorate really opens up your options with wall coverings that may be out of your price range in a larger space. These chevron bathroom tiles dance across the wall, creating a bespoke pattern behind the bath. Go for a freestanding bath – it can work really well as a focal point in a small space. They’re not all as big as you think and you can even buy smaller versions that will fit into tighter spaces. Add a pretty stencil on the wall above to draw the eye up and create the illusion of space. Keep to a monochrome scheme and add colour, texture and pattern with out-there accessories.

bathroom remodel ideas

Slip-resistant flooring is also a good idea for households with older relatives. With clever planning and smart design decisions, even a small bathroom can feel spacious and offer everything your household needs. Always choose a protection rating that’s compatible with the bathroom zone you plan to fit the light in.

Characterise with accent colours

Your bathroom walls provide plenty of opportunities for functional decor, and you can also add floating or open shelves that can only take up minimal space. The bathroom is one of the most frequently-used rooms of the home and has a significant influence on the value of the property. Whether you own a new or older home, a bathroom remodel can transform the space into a value-boosting asset. When you want to create a stunning environment, there are a few amazing bathroom remodel ideas to consider incorporating into your home.

The subtle natural elements in the above bathroom create heavenly contrast with the industrial black hardware in the shower, sink and bathtub. The finished look feels earthy and organic yet modern and luxe at the same time. You can also create the illusion of a larger central floor space by installing a wall hung basin and toilet.