Bathroom remodel mistakes and how to avoid them

Concealed cisterns, wall mounted taps and wall-hung toilets require stud walls to fit in the workings so they’re hidden from view. Sometimes they will fit into the cavity of a stud partition wall but often a stud partition will have to be built, which will increase how much it will cost to renovate a bathroom. A large or full bathroom remodel consists of more changes and more work.

  • Bathroom Studio Design have a wide range of premium products that our installation team are extremely familiar with, bringing our high quality designs to life.
  • Packed with light and character, this stunning transformation from @thehalfdonehouse is truly inspiring.
  • Beyond that, the choice comes down to a bath, a shower enclosure, or both.
  • We like to keep busy, but we are typically free for projects with a few weeks’ notice.
  • A badly planned layout can be impractical in the best of cases, but can lead to serious problems, such as piping’.

Attempting some DIY, it’s estimated that fitting your bathroom yourself can save you up to 70% of the overall cost. For a kid’s bathroom, a double sink or non-slippery tiles might allow a quicker morning routine with less bathroom hazards. From removal to decoration, if you’re renovating your bathroom, we’ve covered everything you’ll need to know. You’ll receive inspirational ideas and advice for your home renovation.

Have You Thought About the Layout?

You need to ensure there is plenty of space around each fitting for comfortable use – there’s no point spending on that vanity if you’re constantly going to be bumping into it when you move around the room. Good ventilation is especially essential in a bathroom with wallpapered walls. Without it, the paper will peel and worse still, your walls and ceiling could suffer from mold. The contemporary bathroom is a perfect blend of simple form and high-performing functionality. We provide a 2-year workmanship guarantee in addition to any product guarantees.

bathroom remodel

Whilst replacing tired old sanitaryware and taps will not require building regulations approval, relocating a bathroom or adding a new one will. If you use a builder to oversee the project, they may be able to work with you on the bathroom layout or even come up with several bathroom layout ideas for you. A clear and concise idea of what you want from the bathroom will also form the basis of the brief you hand to your bathroom supplier, installer or builder.

Bathroom Installation

Over the years we have seen many “before” bathrooms which have not been thought through. This is because the fault or flaw usually becomes apparent after all the work is complete. Using professional designers negates this risk completely.

Once you’re satisfied, you can adapt the circuit and move the cables as you need, to create new sockets, switches and light fittings. There are a few things you can do to make your life easier when planning your renovation. For starters, do your research and get a trusted tradesperson on board as soon as you can.

If this is the look you’re after, talk to us today and let’s discuss options and ideas for renovating your bathroom. Along with the kitchen, bathroom renovations deliver the most ‘bang for your buck’ when it comes time to sell. There’s nothing buyers love more than a sparkling new bathroom space. Because the bathroom is generally a small space, clever design is crucial to make the most of it.


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