Bathroom remodel mistakes and how to avoid them

Once everything is put into place, polish your new bathroom off with some finishing touches to suit your suite. The final 10% should be a bold colour to add a burst of life to the bathroom. It’s good if this colour is a complementary colour to the 30% colours.

bathroom remodel

If you feel the cost is too high at this stage consider whether everything you wish to install is a necessity. ‘This was one of the first rooms I decided on, so it made sense to post this one first. I kind of knew what style I wanted in here, I only wish every other room was as simple to design as this one was,’ says Shelley in her post.

Professional project management

Toiletries, towels, cleaning products, toilet roll – there can be no doubt that bathrooms need plenty of storage. You could forgo cupboards and cabinets, storing everything in a separate area of your home, but the trips back and forth to restock your washspace will inevitably become tiresome. ‘Draining issues can be the biggest problem especially if the gradient isn’t right for the space. It’s important to choose a design that is right for your room size, so do your homework and ask for recommendations from a range of bathroom specialists,’ adds Leigh.

  • Remodelling a bathroom while renovating gives you the scope to play around with the design of the space.
  • Home buyers will actually overlook a property if it only has one bathroom, because there is such a demand for these spaces.
  • If you’ve got a garage rife for conversion, this will also give you a decent return, although not quite so profitable at 15% potential added value.
  • ‘With the exception of having two walls insulated and skimmed, the floor boarded out and fitted with vinyl, and the tiling, we’ve done everything ourselves,’ she says.

The only shortcoming of this 3D bathroom app that is available on the App Store is it can be used only by iPhone and iPad users. This app is ideal for a remodelling project as you can take a photo of your bathroom and use the bathroom storage units and other accessories available on this platform. Either way, you are assured of photorealistic 3D image of your dream bathroom. The catalogue of bathroom furniture units comes at an extra charge, but it presents you with some stunning bathroom ideas. The Planner 5D bathroom app is available for both Android Smartphones and iPhones.

Add More Opportunities to Hang Items

Inspiration is not only the first step in my process when I face a remodel project, whether that is an RV of a home. Of course, if it’s not bad looking, you can always get away with a VERY deep cleaning and sanitizing of the toilet. But for the price that most toilets run, I think it’s a great idea to update it when possible. But of course, I also had to share some super cool “regular” options that are not too heavy and that will bring your remodel to a whole new level. And since I was already going with an RV sink, I just decided to find a cool finishing in an RV bathroom faucet.


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