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While the thought of renovating can seem like a daunting procedure, our helpful guide breaks down the bathroom renovation process for complete peace of mind. From initial planning stages to end results, we cover everything you need to know to make your bathroom remodel idea a success. Once you’ve decided what you would like within your new bathroom you will need to set a budget. Gather general costs for sanitary ware, fitted furniture, wall and floor coverings, lighting, ventilation and labour costs. There are typically lots of trades involved in a refurbishment from plumbers and electricians to tilers.

bathroom remodel

Our Business has been built on our reputation and recommendation and we continue to strive to maintain these standards with an aim to exceed our customers’ expectations. We have just purchased our second travel trailer to take on the road (our other one lives in our “winter home”). I’ve never thought to update the bathroom (I mean, it’s a bathroom, right?) but after seeing these beautiful bathroom redos I’m totally going to be looking at ours differently! Thank you for gathering such awesome examples and links to each site. I just redid my bath, basic remodel from brown cabinets and blue Formica to white with black handles and a marble countertop .

Shower, Bath .. or Both?

To save you time and effort, our retailers are fully equipped to recommend the best in your local area. After searching Gumtree to embark on her DIY project, Alisia transformed this bathroom into a stylish space for the whole family. ‘With the exception of having two walls insulated and skimmed, the floor boarded out and fitted with vinyl, and the tiling, we’ve done everything ourselves,’ she says. Prices for a completely new bathroom will be based on the costs of materials, the complexity of your project and the installation time required. Sourcing a minimum of three quotes will help you to gain a more accurate assessment of the likely cost of your dream bathroom. When it comes to choosing a basin, bigger is better — so go for the largest size you can fit, particularly in a family bathroom.

  • Costing an average of £4,500 , bathroom renovations can be priced as little as £1,500 for simple designs through to over £10,000 for ultimate luxury modern bathrooms.
  • I’ve never thought to update the bathroom (I mean, it’s a bathroom, right?) but after seeing these beautiful bathroom redos I’m totally going to be looking at ours differently!
  • In our case, the sink and faucet had to go because they were not just yellow and gross, but they were also a very cheap upgrade.
  • For a kid’s bathroom, a double sink or non-slippery tiles might allow a quicker morning routine with less bathroom hazards.
  • If you don’t enjoy or are beginning to struggle with cleaning your bathroom the installation of wall boards and or vinyl flooring are a smart option as they don’t have any grout lines.

If we haven’t surveyed your bathroom as part of the quotation, we will come and take accurate measurements and ensure everything fits to a tee before starting work. Since the first lockdown, sales of household goods have soared as homeowners have been fixated on home improvements, renovation projects and DIY’s. This one is probably one of my all times favorite bathroom, Ashley has done such a beautiful job decorating not only this bathroom but their entire RV. For more of her RV and tips, you can also check her blog here. Because our camper is pretty small BUT if you have a 5th wheel or toy hauler, you might be able to use regular house sinks, faucets, and other bathroom accessories.

Top Tips for Styling a Small Space Bathroom

We can advise & install a variety of bathroom heating & ventilation options. A frequently used space, maximise comfort with the largest basin size your bathroom can accommodate. Perfect for small family bathroom ideas, wall mounted basins help to maximise floor space for an illusion of a larger space. Opt for a wall-hung furniture unit complete with countertop or inset basin for a practical contemporary bathroom design.

Enclosures with fixed glass panels and sliding doors that require no out-swing space are a great option for small bathrooms, whilst larger walk-in enclosures add a sense of luxury. Use this simple checklist to ensure you have thought of all aspects of your bathroom renovation. Keeping the bathroom layout the same will minimise the amount of work involved and therefore the cost of doing it. If you’re happy with the current configuration and will keep the plumbing in place, then the design is a lot more straightforward.


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