Best kitchen design ideas

Collating your favorite kitchen ideas is a priority – and always the fun bit – when rethinking your new-look kitchen. These ideas – whether kitchen looks you like, surface materials or cabinetry styles – can then be worked into your ideal layout, the practical key to getting your kitchen right. A kitchen can, after all, look fantastic but if it fails to function as a workspace, it can be hugely disappointing. It’s a given that quality materials cost more; investing in a kitchen worktop will pay for itself over time. Natural materials like marble and wood nowadays are matched by man-made options like porcelain and composite options which allow for enormous colour variants.

What we love about this look is that it is quietly characterful, will complement both modern and traditional homes, and can be as rustic or streamlined and elegant as you’d like. We’re here to give you the guidance and confidence you need to start a renovation project. With our kitchen ideas, measurement guides and expert advice, let’s help make your dream kitchen a reality. Minimal space doesn’t mean you have to settle for a gloomy kitchen.

Embraces a palette of hardy materials, such as the brick and concrete used for thekitchen island ideas. Tierras terracotta tiles by Patricia Urquiola for Mutina were used for the splashback, a modern kitchen idea that gives the space a graphic accent. ‘When lacking space an L-shaped kitchen allows for optimal storage whilst maintaining an efficient workflow.

kitchen design ideas

Practicality is key for kitchen ideas, and the shape you select should be able not only to accommodate your lifestyle, but enhance it. We’ve got plenty of food for thought, so go ahead and dive into our layout options. Tactile finishes, such as upholstered bench seats, rough-sawn timber doors or worktops, and encaustic tiles will all help soften the hard surfaces in a modern kitchen. ‘The key is to use sleek handleless cabinets and a rich and authentic combination of materials and textures to create a really interesting and elegant scheme.

Installing your kitchen

However, you need to make sure you choose paint that is moisture resistant, durable and wipe clean, especially if you have children. Look for a kitchen-specific paint that should do all of these jobs. Whether you have lots to spend on your kitchen or are on a shoestring budget, paint is a great way to transform the space and inject your personality. You can find a design online to copy, or create your own for something truly unique, if you have the skills. Before hanging your chosen wallpaper, make sure your kitchen is dry, otherwise you may have problems with peeling from the get-go.

  • In this property designed by Lucas Interior, a beige and black color scheme gives this classic style a new twist, while the characterful timber cabinetry and clashing wall tiles breath fresh life into the design.
  • The British Standard design team have noticed a growing number of clients opting for plain or patterned glazed tiles to create eye-catching sink walls.
  • Alternatively, use your kitchen accessories and appliances to make a statement on a smaller scale.
  • Infrared heating panels can be installed on ceilings and be almost completely unnoticeable, while discrete skirting board heaters are also effective for a space like a kitchen.
  • Choose hanging pendant lights above kitchen islands for a chic feel, perfect for entertaining guests.

Beautiful brass details stand out against a stark backdrop of black joinery in this rustic kitchen of this home in rural Victoria, Australia. To find out what you should expect to pay for a new kitchen, including price guides for some well-known kitchen brands, and to find tips from experts and thousands of kitchen owners on how to keep your costs down. Be bold and paint the entire room, or choose specific areas to draw the eye. Keeping electrics and plumbing in the same places helps to keep costs down, as it’ll reduce the need to hire specialist contractors.

Is it a good idea to combine kitchen and dining areas?

Tiles are a practical way to maintain this area that provide robust resistance to wear and tear and look great too. If you’ve kept the rest of your space plain, making a feature of your appliances is a great way to create a feature in your simple kitchen design. Neutral colours like white and cream will set a classic tone for your space, whilst soft yet non-traditional colours like light green or pale grey will keep it fresh and modern. If you’re looking for the best way to brighten up a small simple kitchen design, opt for soft colours.

Or, find a different home for your washing machine if you find your under-counter space is limited. One of the benefits of a smaller kitchen is that you can easily access all areas of your space, making cooking and cleaning efficient. Try to place your cleaning, cooking and preparing areas into three separate zones, with plenty of floorspace in-between.

And clever design details help make the most of the space – utilizing some of the best small kitchen ideas. Used vibrant colors to divide their kitchen into different zones – knowing what colors go with green, they used it in their dining space, then added blue for work, and pink for cooking. Plus, you can add in some extra handy storage within the bench should you need it. Be inspired by this kitchen diner and hang a single statement pendant light above a circular table to enhance the coziness and make it feel more like its own zone. In larger or open plan kitchens, creating zones within the space gives it multifunctionality.

Why is a well designed kitchen important to food safety?

From carefully chosen colours to dynamic design tips and current kitchen trends to timeless traditional staples, here’s where to find the ultimate inspiration for your bespoke new space. Reimagining your kitchen cabinets is one of the easiest kitchen decor ideas to put into action. The project may be straightforward, but the results can totally transform kitchen spaces.

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