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Problems can arise when buildings are renovated using incorrect or the cheap materials. Budgets are often over optimistic, as developers are keen to get on with the work. This can prove risky, as renovation is generally less predictable than new build, with many ‘hidden costs’ not being accounted for in the original budget.

The Unlock campaign is absolutely fundamental to unlocking the funds needed to renovate buildings. Reducing gas demand would reduce heating bills for households by around €1100 a year, significantly improving the quality of life for approximately 80 million people. Think a monochrome kitchen with statement Smeg fridge alongside uncovered period features.


While completely open plan areas undoubtedly make the most of smaller spaces and ensure light can flow from one space to another, they can make it hard to create more private, intimate areas in renovation projects. By taking out a Hiscox Home Insurance policy and adding our renovation and extension cover for projects over £75,000, there’s no need to switch between insurance companies and different policies. It will cover the duration of the works with no gaps in your protection and means there’s no need to purchase a separate specialist building works policy. Houses that need doing up usually come with cheaper asking prices, but you need to add the cost of renovations to this to work out how much you’ll end up spending. Once you arrive at this figure, you can better determine the value the property’s offering.

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Keeping internal walls to a minimum further enhances the sense of space. They created a side return extension and have incorporated an enormous picture window that now overlooks their garden — a sliding door to the side gives access and opens the new space up. Not only is this home renovation idea a good way to do your bit for the planet, but it is also one that will result in a more comfortable home to live in for you and lower electricity and heating bills. The home renovation ideas are creative and ingenious, but more than that, they are achievable and are guaranteed to add wow-factor. When you purchase through links on our site, we may earn an affiliate commission.

  • Keeping internal walls to a minimum further enhances the sense of space.
  • As this non-rinsing film builds up it will trap small amounts of proteins, yeast residue, water hardness salts and tannins.
  • This type of mortgage may be suitable if you are able to make a cash deposit on your property and fund the early stages of the build.
  • Incorporating ceiling glazing is a brilliant home renovation idea for many reasons.

One of the main draws of renovation project for many people is the chance of discovering original features still in place and the opportunity to restore them. The Crittall style doors in this Edwardian house renovation separate the kitchen and living space in an unimposing way. A renovation project can offer scope to maximise potential in an existing home, but we often think in terms of floorspace, with the space above often overlooked.

A common mistake we see homeowners make is that they prioritise fittings over build. While everyone wants a nice kitchen and bathroom, we would advise against cutting corners during construction in order to afford luxury decoration. Remember, there’s no rush to get all your interior designer items, and fittings always depreciate in value over time. What’s more, cutting corners during the build can often result in costly repair work being required in the future. If your home shares a wall or boundary with a neighbour, you’ll need next door’s consent for any renovation work that may affect it. With a party wall surveyor you’ll service notice about your work and if you get written consent in 14 days, you’re good to go.

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Anyway, the day we got the keys, I won’t lie there was a fleeting ‘shit, what have we done’ feeling as we walked around the property we now owned. Reality hit, we were made aware just how much needed changing. Read our post on Why you shouldn’t begin your project with an architect, do this instead for the full story. We considered our options very heavily, as we always do, and decided we’d rather make a property ‘our own’ than buy one to someone else’s taste and have no money left to redecorate. The provision of a new layer in the thermal element or the replacement of an existing layer, but excludes decorative finishes, and ‘renovate’ shall be construed accordingly.

How I used my love of colour when renovating to create a maximalist home

Once you’ve found and purchased a property that suits your needs, you’ll need to plan and design how you want it to look. If you would like to find out how Refresh hotelsaintpaulrome.coms can provide you with a high quality, efficient home renovation, get in touch today. A UK Brighton based interior and lifestyle blogger specialising in interior design, modern farmhouse home decoration and country living.


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