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Having a specialized accountant will also ensure that you are contracting in the best possible manner. Also doing so brings its own share of hassles such as sick pay or holiday of the individual whereas in case of a firm like a recruitment agency it is being taken care by the firm itself and also there is no employment relationship. Without the intermediary of the PSC, an individual’s employment status would be determined by their relationship status with the client company, although the question would be whether they are an employee or self-employed. A personal service company is a limited liability company with an individual contractor, consultant, or self-employed individual as its sole director. This type of company typically provides professional services, such as IT, design, and engineering, to its clients, sometimes via an agency. There are a number of reasons why a contractor would set up a limited company over being a sole trader.

  • For more information on IR35 reform and the new rules as they stand, see here.
  • As such I recognize numerous aspects of how businesses work, and how they grow and expand…
  • I enjoy working as part of a team but have the confidence in my own ability and judgement to be equally happy acting alone.

Most of all, I feel European, and that probably why I have developed a strong interest in international relations and foreign matters, the European Union had and still has an important impact on my everyday life, (… As my father started up his own pharmaceuticals company, he is obviously very attached to it, and tends to transfer that enthusiasm to me… It was during my high school studies when I got into “pyramid” sales chain Amway. Although their power sale techniques were not what I liked I had the first peak into the world of business.

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The process of establishing a company has to be conducted through Companies House and can be done online. It costs very little – £10, and is free if you want PayStream to act as your accountant. Whereas someone who has their own unincorporated business is indistinguishable from their business, a limited liability company is a separate legal entity to its director who run it and shareholders who own it. Many PSCs tend to have only one but some have a small number of directors and shareholders.

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Hiring an individual who’s a limited company is also a way to reduce the risk to the hiring organisation. Hopefully this Business, Management and Marketing personal statement example is a helpful guide to students applying to university. Looking at alternative page titles can help make content easier for clients to find and can also sometimes be easier to rank for in search engines listings as there may be less competition in some niche areas of law. As a general rule of thumb, make sure the language used in each part of the website is the same language prospective clients would use to describe the service. The bottom panel of the text overlay contains options for “You and your family” and “Services to business”.

If HMRC declares an employment relationship, then tax and NI will be deducted and the contractor will be liable for any missing tax. As mentioned before the term personal service was born through the introduction of IR35. In a nutshell, IR35 stopped full-time employees leaving on a Friday and returning to their desks on a Monday as a limited company contractor and reaping the tax benefits of running their own limited company, but without any of the risk.

Therefore, if an employer is deemed to be, in effect, employing an individual, they must account for their tax deductions and National Insurance contributions through their payroll system. ClearSky are with you all the way in your contracting career, whenever you need us. Because we understand everybody’s unique, we’ll advise you in a manner that serves your personal circumstances best. Clients can turn to our assignment review service, complete with guidance on whether a project is likely to fall inside or outside IR35. Learn more about our IR35 review service by consulting our different packages.


With van insurance from AXA, you can choose the right kind of insurance to fit your needs. They don’t pay things like employers’ or employees’ Class 1 National Insurance contributions and can end up with a higher take-home pay, depending on whether they’re inside or outside IR35.

It normally takes around 24 hours from when you apply to be fully registered as a limited company. It’s up to the business owner to decide how they wish to set up their business. If you’re a sole trader, you’re personally liable for any business debts, whereas a limited company isn’t.

In some cases, your end client could require you to set up a PSC in order to continue or begin the engagement with them. This has been prevalent in certain industries such as finance, where working with a company is preferred. In order to get the contracts you wish to work on, you may have to set up a PSC out of necessity, however you should assess your options and never be forced into such an arrangement.

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