Continuous improvements; the never

Find out about your responsibilities and consider what you need to do before you start the build phase of your project. You can also learn about how a building contract can provide peace of mind and in what situation you may need a lawful development certificate. Take 3 minutes to tell us if you found what you needed on our website.Your feedback will help us give millions of people the information they need.

  • The projects then meander and struggle to justify their worth part-way through because it is difficult to show what has improved.
  • Once we are aware your improvement is complete, a surveyor will inspect it to ensure it is up to standard.
  • Making Space supports people with clearing and organising which increases their well-being and makes their home safer.
  • We offer SupaLite roof installations throughout the North East and North Yorkshire.

Strategies you will be setting up both your processes and your wider business on the path to sustainable business growth, global pandemic or not. Allowing the doers to suggest and implement process changes will result in higher value processes for your employees. If they are of a higher value, they are more likely to be used consistently, which is the foundation for an efficient business. Process shouldn’t be a way to micromanage and constantly check up on your employees.

Further Project Information

You’ll be given contact details for your resident liaison officer and site team before any work starts. Your resident liaison officer will visit you beforehand to answer any questions, discuss any special needs you have and let you know when the work will be carried out. They’ll also contact you periodically during the works to make sure everything is going smoothly and answer any additional questions or concerns you might have. If we’re planning to improve your home, we’ll contact you in advance and let you know our proposal. If you need us to come and and fix or repair either your windows or doors then you can do an enquiry here or you can email us on. Since 2005, we have made improvements worth hundreds of millions of pounds across our homes.


Ensure our staff and contractors’ main offices are aware of the work that’s taking place in case of emergency calls. See how we can improve your homes, buildings and communal areas. There are three phases of improvement works in different stages of progress.


If you are due for home improvements as part of one of our regular schemes, we will write to you to let you know in advance of any work starting. If you have any queries about the project, please take a look at the letter we’ve sent you for contact details. We’re always here to advise you on the perfect skyroom, orangery, conservatory or windows and doors for your home. Please give us a call or fill out the contact form to book yourself in for a free quotation.

In this culture, you always encourage people to trial and find better ways of doing their jobs. Making evidence-driven decisions is often a struggle because of the lack of usable process data. Large financial institutions such as banks often start transformation because it is obviously the right thing to do, but they do it without calculating a baseline to measure against. The projects then meander and struggle to justify their worth part-way through because it is difficult to show what has improved. Organisations love to see positive business cases showing the effects of improvements but sometimes find it hard to understand the benefits of many small improvements together. To identify and implement the best improvements, your organisation needs high alertness to understand how best you can do this and what tools are available to help.

Every five years, we will visit your home to undertake a Home Condition Survey. The Property Inspector that visits will assess the condition of your kitchen, bathroom and other components listed above. This will help us to ensure that the replacement dates we have planned are accurate given the condition of the components in your home. Yes, you’ll be given a choice of design and colours for some elements such as kitchens, bathrooms, doors and sometimes communal or external areas. Your resident liaison officer will let you know what you’re able to choose.


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