Create a Kitchen with a Natural Feel

Create a Kitchen with a Natural Feel

The kitchen is one area that cannot be underestimated. The kitchen design that is made attractive becomes more valuable in the eyes of the occupants. As is currently in demand by many people, namely the open kitchen design. Because the open kitchen design is often found in non-Asian countries.

Where this open kitchen design is very suitable for those of you who have a small house and only a little space in the kitchen. Moreover, coupled with ornamental plants around the kitchen area. In addition, an openly designed kitchen can provide peace of mind when you are cooking. So, are you interested in creating or changing your kitchen concept to be open minimalist? Here are some inspirations that you can imitate, especially in your home kitchen.

Natural and Open Kitchen Design

Kitchen Design Using Glass Roof

If you want to save money on kitchen changes, one of these ways can be a solution. This design is very suitable for use in Indonesia because it has a tropical climate. In addition, you can also get enough light during the day in your home. You don’t have to use wood as the material, you can use mild steel as the roof frame for the kitchen and use a canopy to cover the kitchen area. In addition to being sturdy, mild steel also has advantages such as resistance to fire. You can also decorate your kitchen using synthetic grass or wall hanging plants to beautify your open kitchen!

Kitchen Design Using Natural Stone Shades

If you like the natural feel, you can add a kitchen using synthetic grass, natural stone and a small pool of shower water. So you will get a quiet time when cooking in the kitchen. You can also apply mild steel that is fire-resistant and not easily rotten by termites as the frame. To know more business you can visit this site

Kitchen Design Using the Mini Bar Concept

In making a kitchen design, it doesn’t always have to be integrated with the house. For example, you make a kitchen in the backyard that is separate from the house. In this case, the selection of materials is very necessary that is not flammable, not damp and of course must be sturdy. Such as mild steel that was chosen to make the roof truss and metal roof tiles for the cover.

Tropical Kitchen Design

If the land behind your house is not too narrow, you can consider making small plants as well as a dining room. The open kitchen is perfect as a favorite room to gather with family or friends. Although the space is limited, it cannot extinguish the beautiful atmosphere in the kitchen. It is recommended to use mild steel as the roof frame and use curve tiles to support the tropical atmosphere.

Already interested in changing the atmosphere of your kitchen to be open and at one with nature? In addition, it can cause a different sensation when cooking. This design is perfect for those of you who have a small space but still don’t look cramped! Interested in changing your kitchen?

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