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If you have a class 2 chimney, the Valor Seattle Slimline Inset Gas Fire has a very budget friendly price and has a beautifully sleek and modern look. One of the easiest ways to give your fireplace a makeover on a budget is to simply replace your fire surround. Not much can make your room look more tired and worn out than an old, uncared for fireplace. In fact, a fireplace should be the heart of your home – not only giving you heat and comfort, but also acting as the focal point of your living room. We removed the old one and paid £250 install plus £250 for the fireplace. See the details of this concrete hearth over tile by She Holds Dearly.

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Paint covers a multitude of sins , and a dark paint color can turn a basic wall into a gorgeous focal wall. Since then, we’ve also added a TV above the fireplace, which looks great (and is mostly hidden when we’re not watching it) on the black brick wall. Like many homeowners, we had a nice living room fireplace that just didn’t jive with our remodel and updates. Just had our 2nd log burner installed by Scarlett’s, this time in our house.

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The next step is to decide what colour to paint your fireplace. If you want a modern fireplace update, white paint is a classic, but bright and bold colours can also inject some personality into your remodel. Then, there are the times when you need a bigger fireplace remodel.

  • ‘If you have lots of space and high ceilings, you may wish to opt for a tall fireplace with an overhanging mantel, an ornate overmantel and a wide hearth extension,’ advises Owen Pacey.
  • In a contemporary layout embrace the freedom to upsize.
  • Such precious features need not be wasted, so why not instead enhance them for better use?
  • Stacked and styled with an interior designer’s eye, the storage of this humble heat source is also the ‘hot’ new way to bring a textural element into the winter home.
  • Because we will supply and install your wood-burning or multi-fuel stove at great prices.

Choosing a particular material can enhance a period property, such as natural stone in traditional cottage or intricate cast iron surrounds in a Victorian townhouse. For a sleek, modern look, marble and limestone are incredibly versatile options – either offering simple clean white designs or luxurious patterns. You could also mix up traditional and contemporary, contrasting a an old fashioned styled woodburner with a sleek surround and mantelpiece.

Because of the heat, you should never use plaster for the fireplace renovation chamber. We make good the chimney breast with a bonding coat and plaster skim. The Woodford Collection offers you a choice of stove, limestone fireplace surround, stove chamber and hearth as a complete radiocaferoma.org package. All your available options are listed in one place, which makes it easy to choose. Just ask us for more details if you are interested by clicking here. Fireplace designs are becoming increasingly less rigid, with greater opportunities to create something different.

DIY Brick Fireplace Remodel

Finally, if you have considered all of our cheap thebroadmoorblog.com ideas, there is one often overlooked option – try rearranging your furniture or adding a few new accessories. See the details of the faux brick fireplace update at Restore Decor and More. Read all about this DIY IKEA bookshelf electric fireplace wall at Free and Unfettered. This bright white fireplace started as dark brick, dark wood built-ins, and dark wood paneling… not the light, bright, and modern space that Megan wanted. Built-ins can add storage and style to any room, but they look especially great as fireplace built-ins to create a classic focal wall with lots of storage.

Read the details on this fireplace before and after by Little Pink Notebook. Sometimes there are features in your home that are just too much work to remove, so you gotta work it. As we remodeled our Jordan House, we knew we wanted to keep this fireplace.

Light up your fire

Try these ideas to update the fireplace area or create a fireplace in your home. Faith was tired of the basic square tile surrounding pieforthepeople.net her fireplace, so she added new mosaic tile . She replaced the old mantel with a gorgeous barnwood mantel and added shiplap above.

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