Fireplace Design Ideas to Warm Up Your Home

‘Glass panels on stoves are now bigger and wider, so you can really enjoy the beauty of a log fire, compared to more trad designs,’ says Declan. If you’re seriously considering undertaking a chimney renovation project, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with our team of renovation professionals. We’re always happy to discuss your project and talk you through the types of renovation insurance that you may need.

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If you’re lucky enough to have a big fireplace that is no longer in use, take advantage of the tailor-made niche in which to house a freestanding cupboard. If you have a small fireplace that no longer houses a fire or has been blocked up and plastered over, why not use it as an alcove for shelving to fill an unwelcome gap? This works particularly well in bedrooms for storing books, and also in kitchens by creating extra space for pretty displays. If you have a cool neutral like grey on the walls, pick a strong sunshine yellow, teal blue or fuchsia pink.

The stove in this fireplace renovation project is the Derwent multi-fuel. Because it is cast iron, the Derwent will retain heat for far longer than its steel brothers. The Derwent is designed and assembled in the Lake district by Mi-Fires Limited. Kernow Fires supply and install wood burners and multi fuel stoves in Cornwall. Wood burners are an economical energy alternative, as long as your stove is large enough for your room and fitted safely. Measure the recess before buying a stove, to guarantee a better fit.

This was part of our family room great wall of built-ins and was the perfect addition to what was just a basic room before. Sara added a beautiful paneled accent wall on either side of her fireplace and it made the whole wall a gorgeous addition to her elegant living room. Read how to add a fireplace faux chimney with trim by Provident Home Design.

DH just covered up our old, mucky fireplace with plasterboard and we installed this wall mounted fireplace (/courts-novo-landscape-flueless-fire-p-47.html) in our bedroom! We put in a beautiful stone fireplace (£1.5k)when we moved in . We ripped of the bricks ourselves and then he was able to plaster sufficiently because the new fireplace hid the damage. Cost – zero other than the skips which we paid £100 for. See the corner at The Inspired Workshop. See the process of adding the built-ins and DIY faux fireplace.

Cost of Gutter Cleaning

Pops of orange fire up the neutral living room background when the stove itself isn’t flickering. Leeds Stove Centre carry out stove renovations across the whole of Yorkshire. Many people make the mistake of believing that refurbishing a chimney is a relatively minor home improvement. In fact, installing a chimney is actually regarded as a small extension. Love the darker color of the mantel with the wallpaper. The grout was still a little wet here – it starts off a sort of grey and then dries to a brilliant white but he looked so damn cute, I couldn’t resist sharing the picture.

  • Sara’s living room features this beautiful large stone fireplace, but the wood slab mantel just wasn’t making the statement that she wanted.
  • It is a lovely focal point that offers a nod to the history of the house.
  • So if you want yours to blend in, paint it to match the walls around it.

They were originally used in houses to cook, and for people to gather in for extra warmth but these days they are purely decorative and atmospheric. If you want to give your fireplace a modern look, you can consider changing your wood burning fireplace to gas burning fireplace. This is more environment friendly than the traditional log burning firebox. If you’ve been inspired to take on the work of building or refurbishing a new fireplace, we recommend taking a look at our top tips for a successful fireplace renovation project.

Build an Electric Fireplace Wall

Whether it’s real or artificial, an ambient glow will give your room a warming and appealing atmosphere. But even if you don’t have a working fireplace, you can make a focal point of a fireplace that’s purely decorative. After painting your fireplace, you might want to consider stenciling it to give your fireplace a neater and cuter brick work. You can always let out your designer side and come up with your original and unique stencil work.

FIREPLACE RENOVATION IN DERBYRenovating chimneys and fireplaces across Derbyshire

You may consider treating the wood yourself and sanding it down, or painting it a different colour entirely. Direct Fireplaces is a specialist fireplace retailer, showcasing a stunning range of fireplaces and fireplace accessories. Whether your home is traditional or contemporary you’ll find your perfect choice in our collection of limestone, wooden and marble fireplaces. Not only that we’ve also got a vast range of electric and gas fires, both modern and traditional to suit all homes. Crystal removed all the stone and then added the thin brick fireplace surround and built the mantel from just one sheet of MDF.


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