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So, you’ve put in the hard work to get a proper job done, but it doesn’t stop there. Before you even think about firing up that bad boy, get that chimney swept. Maintaining your stove is equally important, to increase its longevity and efficiency which will cost you less money in the long run. See our 2-minute guide on cleaning woodburners for more information. There was a time when every fireplace was home to a real open fire, simply because there was no other choice. For many, the desire for a real fire was driven by the often inferior appearance of gas and electric fires at the time, but things have changed.

The home which has been converted into flats was evacuated as police waited for the bomb disposal team to arrive. The grenade, which was determined to be a practice device, was found in the basement flat by Penny Doyle, 63, while she was helping her son Sean renovate the apartment. She said that while she was tidying up she decided to clean out the fireplace.

fireplace remodel

New build homes often have large blank walls, and Jillian made hers a statement by adding this DIY electric fireplace wall flanked with IKEA Billy built-in bookcases. In our Canyon House, we had this huge stone fireplace wall. Rather than do the work to remove and replace it, we embraced it and made it a feature wall by adding a mantel. Clearveiw Pioneer and Fireplace renovation in Cornwall wood burning stove installation from Kernow Fires. This old heating element and exposed brick fireplace add character to this otherwise modern living room. It is a lovely focal point that offers a nod to the history of the house.

Refaced Brick Fireplace Remodel with Wood Panels & Tile

The time honoured and traditional fireplace was once a necessity to heat a room, but in today’s world they can be seen as more of a comforting indulgence and delight. The team build a new wood facade to break up the exposed brick fireplace wall and give it some modern style with a new wood and MDF mantel and shiplap style faux chimney piece. We chose the Arkle model as the size was perfect and it’s simple black contemporary design ties in nicely with the fireplace surround and other black accents in the space. This isn’t one of the most inexpensive fireplace makeovers you can choose from, as you will need to invest in a new fire insert and pay to have it installed. But, you can still find some brilliant budget-friendly fires you can update your old gas fireplace with.

  • If you’re looking to really make a statement with your fireplace remodel, add built-in shelving around the fireplace.
  • She highlighted the brickwork above the fireplace by covering up the sides to enhance the brick keystone curve and give it a whole new style.
  • See the process of adding the built-ins and DIY faux fireplace.
  • Moreover, a stove fan may be used to push heat from your stove towards an adjacent room.
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In this fireplace renovation, there is space around the stove. Because there is plenty of height above the stove, a stove fan may be used. Moreover, a stove fan may be used to push heat from your stove towards an adjacent room.

Backdrops & Heat Shields

In recent years there has been a shift away from traditional fireplace design ideas, leaving the way open for fresh concepts. You may still prefer a conventional fireplace with a mantelpiece, but there are now many more options to consider. If it is time for you to upgrade, a key element to consider is the finish, from rustic wood to elegant marble. You will need to think about style, which should blend in with your existing décor. Choosing your fireplace carefully can define your living space and bring that desired warm glow to the winter months. For class 1 chimneys, there are also plenty of brilliant options below the £400 mark.

This completely transforms the fireplace and creates a framing effect that utilises the space effectively. It is a perfect option if you want to use the fireplace space for both decoration and storage – something that is a viable fireplace design idea. As a HETAS approved installer, our renovation works are completed to the highest standards.


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