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It could be you’re looking to downsize after the kids have moved out. Or that you’re looking to utilise excess space and turn it into… When it comes to decorating your home, remember it’s okay to take your time. While we might need to rush out to purchase the essentials, such as a bed, sofa, somewhere to store our clothes, the rest of our possessions should be allowed time to accumulate. Pick items personal to you, mementos of good times, or just simply things you truly love. Going slower will also mean you can save up for bigger, longer-lasting items.


Whatever the reason, you should always budget with the worst-case scenario in mind. For the latest news and insights from Together, renovation tips and tricks from our experts, plus unseen content from The Great House Giveaway, sign up to our mailing list. Increasing household renovation will create 1.2 million green jobs, helping our economy grow sustainably.

This approach makes it hard to find the necessary funding to complete extensive projects. We are experts in providing mortgages for unique renovation projects and we don’t have a ‘tick box’ approach to assessing projects – in many instances, we’ll welcome projects that standard lenders may not accept. We documented every single inch of the dust, sweat and tears it took, right here on this blog including the mistakes, to support other first time renovators.

Not only will keeping some things save you money, it could also help preserve the character of your property. When undertaking a large-scale renovation, it can be easy to fall into the trap of stripping a house back to its bare bones. Decide whether you want to preserve these before starting your renovation. Period homes in the UK are often packed with character and original features. To find out how old your house is, the best place to start is the Land Registry.

No, you don’t always need a deposit; we can lend based on the value of your property to start the renovation, providing you already own the property and it’s mortgage-free. Also, we can help you repay any outstanding finance on the property if you need it. The level of our C-Change sustainable homes or C-Change retrofit discount that applies is based on the Energy Standard rating achieved on the self-build, renovation or conversion when the work is completed.

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Powdered Renovate is made up of one or more of the following components. We can cover your main home and all the new works for the duration of your extension project. Whether you’re involved in the restoration of a manor house in the country, a beautiful Georgian townhouse or an apartment in Kensington we can arrange the right cover.

  • As you continue with your renovation, staged payments of up to 90% of your increased property value will be released – this will help you keep tabs on your budget and planning.
  • Hiscox Home Insurance includes cover for renovation and extension projects up to £75,000 as standard.
  • A ceiling price is essentially the maximum amount your property can be worth, regardless of how much renovation work you undertake.
  • “Renovation Insurance Brokers’ advice has not only been very informative, but their approach has been gentle and extremely supportive of my needs.
  • This will give highly detailed information for your contractor to follow during the build, ensuring nothing is left to chance.

We call our discounts ‘C-Change discounts’ simply because we’re aiming to make a ‘sea-change’ of difference to our climate with each property or project we fund. As a building society with a unique mission to build a greener society, we lend on projects and properties that support our aims through their reduced impact on our environment. Making your home energy efficient is a major way you can support tackling climate change – while saving on your energy bills. Normally, we’ll release up to 90% of the purchase price or value of the property and subsequently, the money required for the costs. As you continue with your renovation, staged payments of up to 90% of your increased property value will be released – this will help you keep tabs on your budget and planning. Modern-day occupants of old houses usually want very different things from their home than the original owners.

What We Cover

Our collection of home ideas wouldn’t complete without something about architectural mouldings. Many period properties were built with highly decorative mouldings such as ceiling roses and deep skirting boards. A renovation project presents homeowners with the perfect opportunity to up the eco credentials of a building.

If it’s in a desirable location and has plenty of potential, you could significantly add to this through your renovations. Glass internal doors are a brilliant way to allow light to flow between spaces. This is often a crucial design element in renovation projects — particularly in terraced houses and semi detached homes, where the central rooms can often lack windows and feel dark.


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