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There is a ‘market ceiling’ that applies to every location which dictates the maximum amount buyers are prepared to spend, regardless of the special features that can be added to a renovation project. It is important not to get carried away and fit features that exceed those expectations. Conversely, it is important not to spend money on misguided works that actually reduce the value of the property. As experts in building contract compliant insurance, we work to ensure the property is protected during the renovation process. However, Europe’s buildings are not being renovated at the necessary rate and depth to realise these goals. And with 75% of Europeans now living in cities, it is even more crucial for cities to fulfil their role in leading Europe’s building renovation challenge.


When looking for properties to renovate, it’s hugely important to consider planning permission before buying. Hutch was founded with a mission to democratize access radiocaferoma.org to high-quality design. Through our systems and processes, we are able to offer extension plans at a more competitive price without compromising on quality.

Sign me up to receive home improvement advice and inspirational ideas. Give us a call or drop by anytime, we endeavour to answer all enquiries within 24 hours on business days. Use this time to source products, tiles, taps, worktops, furniture, you name it. So show your personality and tell them why you’ve chosen them to come and quote, get them excited about working for you. Planning a renovation holistically is something we never knew to do until we made a host of mistakes! That’s why I wrote all about this common mistake renovators can make and how you can avoid it.

Some of 2015’s hottest home makeovers and renovation projects

When buying a house, it often feels that costs pop up out of nowhere. To help you understand what costs you can expect to come across, we’ve put together this guide. If you’re thinking about renovating a house, knowing where to start can be a tricky business, but hiring the right people to carry out the work is a must. This is hardly an exact science, but you need to choose tradespeople you can trust.

To make sure your renovation complies with all the various parts, we recommend you put together a building regulations package with either your architect or a structural engineer. This will give highly detailed information for your contractor to follow during the build, ensuring nothing is left to chance. What’s more, for bigger renovation projects, they’ll be able to demonstrate the best ways to unlock the potential in your property, ensuring you get the most value out of your investment. When looking for a house to buy, you should be considering the local area just as much as the house itself. This is because location affects the price of a house and can sometimes even limit it. If you’re renovating with a view to make a profit on this investment in the future, you need to assess properties like yours nearby and find out if there’s a ceiling price at work.

  • Buying a property only to later be denied planning consent is one of the most expensive mistakes you can make.
  • Whether you are carrying out a loft conversion or are simply wondering what to do with a renovation project that has low or awkwardly sloping ceilings, work with what you have in order to come up with a creative solution.
  • So-called ‘miracle treatments’ can also be a problem when applied to older buildings.
  • They say it takes a village to raise a child and renovating a home is no different.
  • These can all be reduced by as much as 50 percent in height and width in a single cut.

Alternatively, set up a string line along the hedge to act as a cutting guide. If, for example, a fire broke out as a result of the building works, burning your extension down and if ‘application of heat’ was excluded from the contractor’s insurance, rebuilding your extension would also be excluded. This would leave you visualt4.com without an extension, having to sue the contractor or paying for the works once again, through no fault of your own. When renovating your home, make sure you keep a checklist of all the small things that make a house functional. If you’re not sure if you’ve missed something, discuss these issues with an architect.

European cities join drive to renovate buildings and deliver on climate objectives

With an unrivalled line up of exhibitors and experts on hand to share their advice, this is an unmissable event for anyone thinking of self building or renovating their home. If the estimated cost of the works is more than £75,000, you must contact our insurance experts to notify us before the works begin. We can talk about your needs and add hotelsaintpaulrome.com and Extension cover to your policy. Once you’ve notified us that your project is complete, we’ll remove the cover and your home insurance policy with us will continue without interruption. This is why it’s important to always have a contingency fund in place. At Resi, we recommend you set aside 10% of the total construction costs to help cushion the blow should your project face some bad luck.

Inside the £100m Richmond pile set to rival Buckingham Palace

We need a huge expansion of coordinated intervention from EU institutions and financial regulators to unleash a massive wave of green housing renovation across Europe and unlock the EU’s energy independence. A green transition of Europe’s homes will create a more just, peaceful and sustainable energy system. You’re going to want to recreate every detail of this stylish period property. Government legislation requires an additional 3% stamp duty land tax to be added on all second properties.


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