Home repairs and maintenance

An emergency is any defect that is an immediate danger to your safety, security, health or something that may lead to serious damage to the property. Log in to theResident Portalto report a non-emergency repair online. If you are intemporary accommodationyou also have access to the portal. The guide radiocaferoma.org is also useful in helping you describe the nature of the repair when you report it. By giving us as much information as possible, you can help us fix your problem on the first visit. We will ask you to pay for any repairs caused by damage or misuse of your home by you, your family or friends.

If you do not have an account, please select ‘Complete a form without logging in’. When reporting a repair, please have a pen and paper to take note of your repair job reference number. Your Neighbourhood Housing Team will be able to tell you more about what repairs you may be asked to pay for and how to pay. These are less urgent repairs such as leaks to a gutter, repairing a noisy heating system or fitting a light switch. These are repairs which could cause injuries or further damage if they are not dealt with quickly. These are things like burst pipes, blocked drains, non-secure windows or doors and loss of electricity.

  • This page explains who can get adaptations to common parts, what issues you need to consider and how to formally get the agreement of the owners.
  • If we cannot make another appointment, or you miss a second appointment, the job will be cancelled.
  • This rule doesn’t apply in some cases where the landlord lives in the same property as you.
  • The loan scheme funds a range of home repairs, improvements, adaptations and energy efficiency measures.

Whatever’s gone wrong, choose from our range of experts and options to put it right. You can also join our user research group to receive invites to activities and surveys to help shape future improvements to the site. We provide, high quality work at realistic rates for Local Contractors and Tradespersons, combined with regular and prompt payment. We provide a simple ‘hassle free’ service for UK Insurance Companies and Home Owners.

This covers things like outside painting, replacement windows and annual gas servicing. Vulnerable tenants will receive a quicker response to emergency work, such as heating and hot-water repairs, all year round. We aim to offer an appointment for all urgent and routine repairs, at a date and time that is convenient to you. With best-in-class power tools and handy plumbing installation products, home repair and maintenance has never been easier.

Reporting repairs

If you decide not to go ahead, then you don’t pay anything – not even a call-out charge. If the parts needed to repair your boiler are no longer available, you’re not committed to the cover. We’ll cancel it for you and let you know your alternative options. You’re also covered for a year of future repairs with Central Heating Breakdown Cover. Whether it’s wonky wiring, dodgy drains, or a boiler breakdown, we can help you get your home back on track.

By law, we must fix urgent problems in council-owned homes which could affect the tenant’s health, safety or security within a certain period. We will pay compensation for damage which is our fault or our contractors’ fault. Some work to your home is done as part of a planned maintenance or investment programme.

home repair

A free online account giving you a safe, secure and flexible way to access our services 24/7. All repairs about gas central heating, hot water and gas fires should be reported to Liberty Group. The council chadlavy.com is not responsible for all repairs, as a tenant you are expected to maintain some things for yourself. For emergency repairs you will need to guarantee access to our contractor for the next 24 hours.

How much grant will I receive?

To get a loan leverage grant you must have been approved for the standard loan. If you need to make repairs to your home, we may be able to give you a loan or a small grant to cover the cost. To be eligible, you must be in receipt of one means tested or disability related benefit, and have less than £5,000 to pay for adaptations or repairs. The maximum amount can be exceeded in exceptional cases, and the loan will become repayable when the property is sold or ownership is transferred. For more information about a landlord’s responsibility to do repairs, see Repairs in rented housing.


eduquemosenlared.com Assistance Grants are available for private tenants or home owners. They are intended to help eligible people carry out essential repairs to their home. Home repair loans between £1000 and £10000 are available for vulnerable homeowners whose properties don’t meet the decent homes standard. If your landlord is responsible for doing the work, you’ll not be able to get a grant. A local authority must give you a disabled facilities grant if you meet the conditions for getting one.


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