How Much Does A Bathroom Remodel Typically Cost

We’ll offer some budget bathroom renovation tips, along with practical advice on how to go about renovating a bathroom. According to Victoria Plum, the average cost of installing a new bathroom in the UK is £6,500. However, depending on the amount of work you are happy to do yourself, this could come much lower. Equally, larger spaces, those that need more renovation work and those that are using luxury products will see prices range from £7,000 – £15,000+. There is a vast array of bathroom suites, showers, taps, tiles, wall board, flooring and accessories available for bathrooms and consequently a wide price variation. By keeping an eye on sales throughout the year, you can look to save between 20% to 50% on the RRP of certain items.

bathroom remodel cost

Sourcing a minimum of three quotes will help you to gain a more accurate assessment of the likely cost of your dream bathroom. If you’re hoping to redo your bathroom suite but are looking for ways to save on costs, it’s highly recommend you minimise the amount of extra plumbing or wiring required. If you’re keen to achieve a luxury bathroom, you should expect to pay at least £8,000 for a designer suite, high-quality taps, marble or granite wall and floor coverings, and perhaps even a freestanding tub. If you really want a new floor for your new bathroom, you could try vinyl flooring.

Previously executive editor of Ideal Home, she’s specialized in interiors, property and gardens for over 20 years, and covers interior design, house design, gardens, and cleaning and organizing a home for H&G. It’s no big surprise that she likes to put what she writes about into practice, and is a serial house renovator. Tempo Arabba shower tray in white shown with Arabba wall panels in white. Thermostatic mixers are similar to manual mixers but have a built-in thermostat that automatically adjusts the water temperature if a tap elsewhere in the house is being used. The shower hose and head are combined with the bath mixer tap and this is how the temperature is adjusted.

Before hiring any bathroom fitter, ensure they are able to plaster your walls or, at least, provide an experienced plasterer. While standard showers require no electrical works, an electric shower—as the name suggests—does. If you’re wondering who you’ll need to employ to carry out this work, read our article on which tradesperson is best for fitting an electric shower. With updated estimated costs for 2022, we’ll show you how much you should reasonably expect to pay to have your new bathroom installed. Nine times out of ten, you’ll want to move fixtures around in your bathroom to create a space that really ‘flows and works for you.

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Automatic opening models are more expensive than manual ones, and some of them can be fitted with rain sensors. If your budget stretches that far, bespoke vanities can be a real design highlight and offer a space to store all your bathroom goodies. Wall hung vanities with extra big drawers are fun and functional, and work well in combination with minimalist, flush-to-the-wall mirrors.

  • The search term “Average cost of Bathroom renovation UK” reveals that a supposed “average” cost ranges from £3,000 to £9,000.
  • This type of flooring has the same visual appeal as floor tiles – but it is over 50% cheaper.
  • ‘Upgrading your countertops costs between $200 and $1,000 or more, while bathroom cabinets tend to cost $250 to $3,000 or more,’ says Mallory.
  • As with all home renovation projects, the location your property is in will impact your costs.
  • What could be more luxurious than coming home to your very own spa bath?

A large proportion of your budget will go towards various plumbing jobs, such as fitting new taps, your toilet, shower, bath and basin. Old tiles that need to be removed and walls that are in poor condition, which will need to be prepared, can increase a bathroom fitters cost. Essentially then, the specific area a property is located in can potentially strongly affect the price of bathroom renovation work. So, be wary that a search for ‘new bathroom cost UK’ could yield some misleading results from one region to another. From choosing the best bathroom suite, to new taps, shower, furniture and accessories, there are plenty of things that can add to the overall cost of a new bathroom.

Extra fixtures

They’re popular among many consumers as they use up less space than most toilets. If you want to replace an existing fan, this will probably cost around £150 to £250. If you are hiring a tiler, the total cost of labour and materials will probably end up between £500 and £800 . Average-sized ceramic tiles will cost roughly £12 to £50 per m².

Now, we’re getting to some of the more complex tasks… As a bathroom replacement, a wet room can certainly add value to your property. This will involve plenty of work to make your new bathroom watertight but the results are stunning. Wet room kits can add significantly to your overall bathroom costs. Consider installing an extra-large, double ‘his and hers’ shower with dual shower heads, or opt for one large shower space that combines a rain dumper with multiple massage spray jets along the wall. Rain dumpers can now be recessed into the ceiling so they are completely flush.

Price is one of the biggest factors in any home modernisation project. For bathroom installations, as with most purchases, larger, top quality will cost more than small, lower quality make overs. Kithcens and bathrooms can often have plumbing problems that can easily bust a budget. We recommend that about 10% of your budget be reserved for these issues. If you need to reorient the bathroom, as in move the fixtures like toilets and shower units to different positions, the wiring and plumbing network needs to be adjusted at a foundational level. While tiles are relatively cheap in general, their installation is long and intensive, and not all materials are costed alike.

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