How Much Does a Bathroom Renovation Cost? and how we budgeted

We’ve had a quote of £16,500 Inc VAT to renovate our small wetroom ensuite and main bathroom. It’s labour and materials but doesn’t include bath/shower toilet etc. In general, companies that specialise in bathroom installations tend to provide reliable quotes. Avoid purchasing your bathroom fixtures from high streets retailers or distributers – because they tend to charge higher prices to cover the substantial costs of running a brick-and-mortar business.

bathroom remodel cost

Get tips on how to live well and build better, including free tickets to some of the UK’s biggest home improvement shows. Everybody loves a bargain but appointing a builder based purely on a low quote can end up costing you more in the long run. Find a builder, show them your brief and get three quotes minimum before hiring. This is another area where using a skilled builder will be invaluable in steering you through the project. Many builders will be able to hire reliable trades to carry out electrical and plumbing work, if project managing for you. Use graph paper to mark out doors or windows, plus any existing features that may impact on the bathroom layout such as bulkheads, dormer windows, alcoves or sloping ceilings.

The Cost Of A Bathroom Installation Can And Probably Will Vary

It might be possible to revamp old floor tiles just by giving them a good polish. Changing the plumbing and electrical infrastructure of a bathroom is difficult and costly. This will cost between £150 and £500, depending on the volume of all your waste. Most bathroom fitters will be happy to remove your old bathroom for around £300.

  • Any structural changes need to accommodate the bath, vanity counters or basins, the toilet, and shower enclosure required to be completed.
  • The final cost will be determined by the scope of the job, the quality of the paint purchased and the size of the room.
  • Many Master Builders can also help you design your bathroom so bring them into your project from an early stage.
  • Retails at £579.99, but provides a neat and tidy shower that features modern looks to complement more contemporary bathroom spaces.
  • There are several things to consider when planning a new bathroom.

If not, you’ll need to bring in a pro to give you a quote to add plumbing and electricity to your bathroom,’ says Mallory. But whatever you choose to do, these guidelines will help you assess what you can expect to pay. Even with these variables to bear in mind, it is still possible to give an estimate of the kind if bathroom renovation costs you can expect. This article is intended to help customers work out a budget figure rather than provide a definitive figure for how much a bathroom installation will cost. Simply asking a bathroom fitter, “How much will it cost to install a new bathroom?

They are cheaper if your going with white also, we had to try and match other doors already in house. I think it will be higher as your moving lots of pipe work to have things moved around, sunken shower requires deeper floor work, and your having doorways widened and door. Neighbour had local plumber who specialises in bathrooms and spent 6.5k in total. However, your installation might take longer than the above-mentioned estimates if the tradespeople you hire do not work on weekends or bank holidays. A contingency budget consists of money that you ring-fence to deal with unexpected events. In general, your contingency budget should be 5-25% of your overall budget.

Alcove Bath Price

To buy enough caulk to cover your whole bathroom should cost somewhere in the range of £5 to £25. These types of showers reduce water usage while maintaining an acceptable level of water flow. While most floor mounted taps fall in the £200 to £500 price range, you can easily find yourself paying more than this. As its name suggests, these types of taps are positioned on the floor and designed primarily for bathtub use. Wall mounted taps are attached to the wall and extend over the bath or basin.


A new sink can range in price quite considerably – from as little as £50, all the way up to £500 . Having a wall knocked down might come with a price tag of £100 to £300. New lighting can make a world of difference when getting a new bathroom fitted. I know, it strikes most renovators we speak to as crazy when we tell them we left it until last, as typically the bathroom is one of the first rooms to get done. Ensure you hire tradespeople who are reliable and will work to schedule – it’s easy to find quality tradespeople on MyBuilder, with reviews from their previous customers. A good tip to remember is to purchase more tiles than you think you will need – around 10% more is a good rule of thumb – so you have spares in case some are broken or cut wrong and cannot be used.

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