How Much Does A Bathroom Renovation Cost in the United Kingdom?

If you were to hire a tradesperson to install a downstairs toilet, the total cost would be somewhere in the range of £2000 to £ with labour costs making up around 55% of the total expenses. This is regardless of the size – as it’s mainly a case of attaching it into place, hooking up the waste, and fitting the taps. The price for final fixtures and fittings will largely depend on how many pieces you want to add to your new bathroom. We look at how much you should expect to pay overall – depending on the size and quality of the bathroom which you would like to have installed.

bathroom remodel cost

It’ll certainly help you save a few precious pennies on your old bathroom removal cost. No job in the bathroom is mess-free and this throws up the question of waste disposal. Traders will dispose of materials for you but they have to pay business rates to do so.

Minor Building Work Cost

The most expensive part of the renovation process is having a new bathtub installed. While you can get some tubs at an affordable £504, some exotic tubs with jets and requiring unique installations can set you back well over £14,400. It costs between £864 and £1,080, while a total overhaul would set you back as much as £3,240. The cost to renovate or remodel is pegged between £3,520 and £7,050.

  • The vanity will need to be placed away from the shower or be waterproofed.
  • The cheapest option would be an electric shower, and this can be as little as £50.
  • A standard shower mixer will cost you around £60 for a basic unit.
  • Plumber rates vary depending on the part of the country you live in and the type of work you’re doing.
  • When it comes to bathroom remodeling, you may be overwhelmed by the variety of bathtubs and showers available on the market.

Please note – Prices may vary depending on where you are in the UK – as these averages are based on data collected by Big Bathroom Shop. As an example, just the door on our bathroom 3 years ago was nearly £1000. You can find their details via online directory services such as Checkatrade, TrustATrader and Rated People. During a home improvement project – if a tradesperson honours the monetary value of the quote that he gave you, then we say that the quote in question is “reliable”. The rules and laws surrounding building regulations are numerous and complex. Cowboy contractors are a blight on the home improvement industry.

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Common types of bathroom maintenance include regrouting, resealing, and toilet maintenance. In this section, we cover the costs of various forms of bathroom maintenance you’ll need to undertake. The cost of a wet room will fall in the range of £4000 to £12,000.

Dry styles are easier to install in specific rooms, though they are less cost-effective to run in the long term. Wet styles work like a radiator, with a system of water pipes under the floor through which hot water is pumped. Bathroom fitters, like many other trades, will likely work out their costs based on a typical day rate, which can range from around £150 to £250 per day for a single fitter. Use our simple two step process to tell us about the Bathrooms job and what is required and well try and connect you with Bathrooms companies suitable to your needs. Your contact details and privacy will be treated with the utmost discretion and privacy. Our aim is for you to be connected with the tradesperson that is 100 % suitable to your needs and circumstances.

They are a type of ceramic tile that is made from a special type of clay and fired at extremely high temperatures. This makes them very hard, durable and unlikely to chip or crack. They are generally more expensive than plain ceramic tiles, but also harder wearing which is why they’re often used in high traffic commercial areas.

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The biggest impact on price will tiles is going to be the quality and design; expensive stone tiles are going to be more expensive than laminate tiles, for example. If there is a significant alteration to the existing layout, more plumbing work will be required, so expect your new bathroom installation costs to increase. You’ll find a huge variety of bathroom taps to choose from, including small, basin taps to large, freestanding bath taps.

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