How Much Does A Bathroom Renovation Cost in the United Kingdom?

The budget option would be a ceramic pedestal basin, with prices starting at around £50. For a little more, a basic semi-pedestal (wall-hung) bowl can be a cost-effective solution, the cheapest of which is about £60. When you’re planning the design of your bathroom remodel, don’t forget to account for labor costs. Usually, this will end up being about 1⁄3 of your costs for the entire project. If you need to cut costs, start with any amenities that would be nice, but aren’t necessary, and work with your Buffalo bathroom remodeling contractor to figure out alternatives.

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Bathroom suite prices will typically be around the £1000 mark for standard suites, with budget ones coming in a bit lower; while luxury suites will be significantly higher. Most people prefer to select the bathroom suite of their choice and then find an installer. The bathroom suite is a significant purchase, and when you have made such a commitment, you must find the right installer who will bring your dream to life. Tiling is a trade that requires expertise to be executed flawlessly.

Prices will vary based on the extent of your particular remodeling project. Get in touch with local professionals for a more accurate breakdown of the cost to remodel your bathroom. Adrienne comments that various aspects of our lives are now affected by rising prices. So whether you’re planning a bathroom or having a kitchen extension, it’s crucial to start planning and budgeting as early as possible. For a real-life case study, check out our complete guide to bathroom design and installation and find out what Victoria Plum customer Rosemary from York thought about the whole process.

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Take a look at our dedicated page to find out how much specific plumbing jobs are likely to cost and ways you can save money. Once your old bathroom is gone, the first job is to make any plumbing or electrical adjustments required for your new bathroom. This could include adding or moving pipework to accommodate a new bath or shower enclosure, as well as adding towel rails, new lighting, or sockets for shavers or electric toothbrushes. Depending on how old your current bathroom is, you may be looking to upgrade your lighting to LED spotlights, both for their look and lower running costs. Other electrical work may include installing a shaving socket, extractor fan and power shower. While it might be tempting to say that on the surface, smaller bathrooms will be less expensive, costs can soon rack up if you’re needing new pipe fitting or electrical points for power showers.

  • Alternative wall cladding, like PVC wall panels, should only take a couple of hours to install.
  • On average, the estimated cost for tiling a small bathroom is between £600 and £1,150 depending on materials used, the design and the size of the bathroom.
  • Wall-mounted taps, towel rails and shelves can only be installed after the wall cladding has been fitted and cleaned.
  • Many renovators find DIY jobs such as tiling, panelling and painting straightforward and enjoy being involved in the work.

Today’s technology means that they are no longer the tired products of the past. You can now get a range of luxury vinyl floor tiles with different patterns, and the material even comes in the form of planks that look like wood. No matter which material you choose though, make sure your flooring option is slip and water-proof. Ceramic tiles are the most popular option for bathroom flooring, and they come in a huge range of styles and colours. Available from around £13 per square metre, ceramic tiles are durable and moisture-resistant. They are very easy to clean and require hardly any maintenance at all.

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If you are in the process of shopping for shower enclosures you will have already realised that shower enclosure prices very much depend on configuration and materials. Digital showers, shower towers, columns and cabins all offer a luxury showering experience, with a multitude of sprays and jets — at a cost of course, from £250 upwards. Once you start looking at cast iron, timber, composite and stone, the prices rocket. However, if you want to make a statement in the bathroom this is the way to go.


Those who have a smaller budget can polish, clean and upgrade their fittings. Meanwhile, those with a bigger budget can add premium fittings and other luxurious elements. These can be more costly than simple mixer taps located on the bath or basin, both to buy and fit. While most basins are ceramic, glass, metal and stone are all options but cost more. These come complete with everything you need to form a platform, drainage and waterproofing equipment — they cost around £500-£600. Don’t forget, however, that you still need to factor in the cost of a shower tray, which will cost from £60 at the lowest end.

Much like with basin fitting costs, your new toilet price will depend on whether the toilet is a conventional design. The installation cost below is based on a close coupled toilet, the most common type. A back to wall toilet or even a wall hung design may take longer and cost more, with slightly more complex plumbing work required. This Bathroom Cost Guide is going to help you compile an estimation for a typical bathroom renovation in the UK. You will only be able to determine the exact cost of your bathroom renovation after comparing quotes and prices for the fittings, tiles, and labour.

From electricians to plumbers and general contractors, it’s important to know the exact scope of the job each will provide and if one service can grant you all of these provisions. Of course, more specific labour, such as stained glass window installers, may quote their own price for niche and unique work undertaken. The desire to remodel environments like our bathroom can be strong after some time, as this room can tend to feel quite dated if not upheld to modern standards. Yet hygiene, style, and functionality must be preserved perfectly in order for the bathroom to remain a calming, private and safe place for the entire family to use. Don’t forget to include the costs involved in ripping out and disposing of the old bathroom, plastering and decoration – costs for this can form a large part of the budget.

Basic shower enclosures featuring one glass side panel and a door, or a quadrant enclosure with double doors, can cost as little as £100. Power showers start at £150 and are connected to an integral pump to boost flow rate. However, they are not compatible with combi boilers as they need a supply from both a cold water cistern and a hot water cylinder. Electric showers have a connection to just the mains cold water supply and heat water on demand. This means that they struggle to reach the level of power provided by power showers and those using stored hot water, although choosing one with a higher kilowatt rating will help.

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