How much does a kitchen renovation cost? The experts reveal all

When you consider that the kitchen is the busiest room in the house, living without the basics, such as the cooker, sink and washing machine can have a real impact on daily life. One of the major costs involved in a kitchen renovation is inconvenience. The shape and size of your kitchen can be one of the biggest influences on cost, from square footage for tiles to the surface area for worktops, it can all add to the expense of your refurbishment. The more options you have to choose from the more expensive your kitchen is likely to be, so it’s worth bearing this in mind when you place your order.

  • For the worktop and upstand, solid prime oak wood has been selected.
  • This is obviously down to your own personal preference and budget constraints.
  • For example, laminate worktop installation tends to cost around £240, while granite worktops can cost up to £1800 to fit.
  • Demolition work will cost around £200 (and £500 if you want all the waste tackled after that).

Solid wood worktops tend to cost around £50 to £150 per square metre to install, which is perfect for anyone with an average budget. Kitchen worktops are also an important element of any new kitchen installation, as they provide a space to cook and store smaller appliances, while also enhancing the aesthetic. For a low budget, you may want to opt for laminate worktops which cost around £20 to £50per square metre or wood worktops which are typically priced at £50 to £150 per square metre. The average cost to fit a kitchen in the UK varies depending on the style, features, number of units and appliances you chose to combine, as well as any other kitchen installation costs such as labour. At Wren, our goal is to help make your dream kitchen a reality by providing professional kitchen installation services. Whether or not you choose MDF for solid wood will determine the price you can expect to pay on your kitchen renovation.


Budget kitchen unit doors are also made from MDF, but mid-range and higher-end doors have either an MDF door frame with a solid wood panel, or are made entirely of solid wood. As well as considering size – with small kitchen ideas inevitably cheaper to execute than large open plan spaces – the level of finish you choose will affect the overall price. For example, if you opt for marble countertops, you will be paying a higher price than wood or quartz. ’ head designer, Graeme Smith, says kitchen renovation cost is dependent on many factors, such as the size of your space, materials, products and how bespoke the finish is.

kitchen remodel cost

You should plan in up to £11,500 to do a basic makeover of your kitchen, keeping everything where it is, or up to £17,100 if you are keen to include a few extras. Like units and counters, it’s important to know the average installation costs of a new kitchen, and how to ensure you get the most out of your money. With new kitchens having the potential to add between 6-8% extra value to your home, it’s essential you employ the best installation methods and installers to complete your remodel. Getting a reputable expert in to handle your kitchen remodel is often the best option. With a professional you will have the benefit from reduced supplier merchandise and years of industry knowledge. But, before you hire just anyone for the job, we highly recommend you compare estimates from registered local pros and check their references.

The average cost for a kitchen renovation

For example if you are replacing your kitchen appliances with smart equipped systems, you it will cost around £3,500 for the basic package. This package would include a smart over (£500), fridge freezer (£1,000), coffee machine (£250), lighting (£500), and heating/hot water system (£1,000). To help you work out how much you should expect to pay, the table below reveals the average cost of a standard or bespoke kitchen, as calculated by RICS . The prices are based on averages for a terraced, semi-detached and detached house.

We asked 3,848 owners what they did to cut the cost of their fitted kitchens. Members can log in to learn how they managed to shave money off their final quote. Giving your kitchen a refresh, rather than fully replacing it, will help cut the cost of your refurbishment. Make your open floor plan functional and sophisticated when moving into a new home. Before deciding on color schemes, furniture, and interior décor, here’s how to make it more appealing, polished, and, most importantly, more comfortable. If you want to create an open floor plan, you’ll first need to get rid of the clutter in your home.

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