How much does a new bathroom cost in 2022?

Depending on your needs, your bathroom products will, on average, add another £1,500 on top of your installation budget. However, these costs can vary, depending on whether you have a large bathroom or whether you are choosing more conventional items over luxury additions. Underfloor heating is a wonderful addition to any bathroom and is estimated to cost between £50 to £150 per square metre. The total cost of installing underfloor heating will be dependent on the size of your house/room, system type and groundwork required. Depending on the size of your bathroom, you may prefer a shower enclosure over a bath. Indeed, many ensuite or small bathrooms only have space for shower enclosures.

  • When you have a new bathroom installed, you might need to have some minor building work done.
  • A simple, single light fixture should present no problems to an experienced and qualified Trade professional.
  • This is the smallest bathroom size, and the layout is always constrained.
  • Good project management is the key to a successful bathroom renovation.
  • However, depending on the type of fixtures you currently have, there may be scrap value to them.

This means waterproofing the room, and it is the chief reason why a total remodel costs £9,000, and a partial remodel an average of £3,960. Sometimes the bathroom could have a countertop on a vanity for storage space. A total renovation can cost as much as £7,200, and a partial remodel between £2,016 and £3,600. Most Jack and Jill bathrooms are this size, and it has enough floor space for a double vanity or separate sinks. This size is ideal for two people, and it costs £5,760 to £11,520 to renovate or remodel. The extra five feet gives you more options to place your vanity, toilet ad shower/tub alcove.

Resealing a Bath Cost

The village has gone upmarket recently which has probably affected the price but friends around the country also say that Brexit, shipping problems and inflation have caused price surges everywhere. Neighbour and I both had main bathrooms completely redone last summer. Please note that if your new bathroom requires you to make structural changes to your property, then you will probably need to obtain planning permission.

bathroom remodel cost

There is a range of extractor fan types available; from a wall fan to a centrifugal fan and this is what will largely determine how expensive the fan is. A heated towel rail is estimated to cost between £40 to £600 and the main factors impacting cost are the size of the rail, the materials used and whether or not you need a specific finish added. Vinyl flooring can cost between £200-£400 – depending on the size of your bathroom – and if you have tiling on the floor that you want to be replaced, expect to pay a lot more. The bathroom floor can get overlooked, as some bathroom fitters will leave flooring off their quotes to ensure a lower price, but they’ll then add it on as an extra later on (cheeky!). The type of tiles you choose can also affect your bathroom renovation cost.

Underfloor Heating

The product which gives the bathroom its name, a bath will need to be fitted securely, plumbed into the waste pipe and have taps and a waste fitted. Most conventional baths also need panels added for a neat finish. The price may increase if you are fitting a freestanding bath or shower bath, or changing the layout of your old bathroom. There is no set price regarding the plumbing requirements for a bathroom renovation.

What do other elements of the bathroom cost?

Prices for these baths start from around £600, but can reach prices of up to £3,000. Steel baths are perfect for those on a budget who want durability without the hefty price tag. They tend to be more hardwearing than very low-cost acrylic baths and often cost little, if any, more — starting from around £120. If you buy a bathroom suite it’s worth remembering that baths tubs tend not to be included so a bath is likely to be something you will need to buy separately.

Tiling can also cover a wide degree of surface area in a bathroom, and sometimes, tiles break and may need replacement or maintenance as time goes on. As such, they are considered a significant expense worth keeping in mind. When you have decided to source all fixtures and fittings from different suppliers rather than using an in-house supply- and-fit service from a bathroom specialist.

This is a standard part of the procedure providing you have used qualified trades. Note, that it is your responsibility to safely store your certificates and show them when needed – potential buyers will want to see compliant documentation when you wish to sell your house. Likewise, any electrical work near and around wet areas, such as baths and showers, will need to conform to the building regs, as will any work that expands upon or alters existing drainage systems. Beyond that, the choice comes down to a bath, a shower enclosure, or both. A simple updateis the best option for anyone renovating on a budget. Keep the current layout as it is in order to avoid moving plumbing, but incorporate more modern sanitaryware, extra storage or a heated towel warmer.


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