How much does a new kitchen cost?

For a relatively small upfront cost, you could see a significant return on your investment when the time comes to sell. A refrigerator can set you back some £7,000-£10,000 if you want to splurge and a minimum of £400 if you are on a budget. Machines on the higher end of the segment typically offer functions that can keep the veggies, fruits, and meat fresh and odour-free for a long time. They boast a built-in icemaker for when you need good quality cubes. Another possible expenditure to account for is installation (in case you don’t want to get involved in this). Last but not least, changing the hardware is another popular option.

  • Finally, the cost to have this all fitted is between £480 to 800 per day for a timeframe of around three to four days of labour.
  • Every Kitchen will require power and lighting in order to be habitable.
  • If your budget stretches a little bit further, you could consider laminated timber (from around £255 per square metre).
  • Meanwhile, Ready To Assemble, or RTA, cabinetry can be ordered to fit your exact kitchen specifications, and you can install it on-site with relative ease.

Find out how each of our finance options works and how we can make a new kitchen attainable for everyone. If your budget allows, replacing your worktop can be a great way of rejuvenating your kitchen. If you have an old work surface that is covered in scratches or chips, do away with it and have something fresh laid in its place. You can even apply adhesive layers to them to make the style change instantly, and these can easily be removed without residue when it comes to replacing the actual units.

Splashbacks and wall paint are affordable ways to inject a pop of your favourite colour. Smaller accessories such as bar stools, wall clocks and fruit bowls are also great options to add colourful highlights. If you opt for an eclectic kitchen style you could create space for displaying brightly coloured vessels, or include open shelves that show off your crockery. Other kitchen styles include the rather clutter-free modern-contemporary style and the rustic look that incorporates a lot of natural wood and ‘stressed’ or vintage cabinets.

Flatpack units tend to be cheaper than ready-made cabinets and furniture retailers will sometimes sell ex-display models for a fraction of the original cost. There are sites which list these items, but be aware that collection and installation will be your responsibility. Alternatively, if you are prepared to be patient, you can leave your details with kitchen showrooms and builders’ merchants for them to call you when they have units available. The average cost of a new kitchen in the UK in 2020 is estimated at £8,000 .

How Much Does a Kitchen Extension Cost?

Hopefully, now you should know roughly how much a kitchen will cost you. Like many people, however, you may end up spending more than you originally planned to. We talked about how renovating your kitchen can increase the value of your home in a previous blog, so it’s no wonder that this room is one of the most popular rooms to renovate. Not only does it yield a high return on investment but you also spend much of your time at home here too so you want it to be perfect. Loftera is UK’s fastest growing website offering home improvement tips, guides and ways to save money. We are reader supported so if you buy through our links, we may earn an affiliate commission.

Many specialist kitchen retailers and suppliers will have a variety of new kitchen ranges on display in their showrooms or shown in catalogues. Having a diverse range of kitchens for you to browse through allows you to find one that best suits your budget and the requirements of your home. The are a number of ways a kitchen remodeling can be done.While some kitchen makeovers can be a true do-it-yourself project, contractors are usually brought in to quote for larger remodeling projects.

kitchen remodel cost

Still, a new kitchen is a significant purchase, and people could be put off by the thought of the cost and disruption that a new kitchen can bring. It is not a surprise, therefore, that a new kitchen is one of the most popular forms of home improvement undertaken by homeowners. Indeed, if you can only afford to renovate one room in your house, experts say it should be the kitchen. A great way to stick to your budget is to contact all the contractors you will need and get free quotes on the workmanship.

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We take a look at the kitchen remodelling costs to consider below, from furniture to appliances. Not really, it all depends on your budget and who you are looking to hire to complete the work. A qualified kitchen fitter will likely be able to point you in the right direction for designs and plans of what your kitchen could become. Buying appliances and fixtures in a kitchen sale will often save you up to around 50% off the original price.

Not only do they hold all your pots and cutlery, but they can be the stars of the room with their unique appearance and colours. Considering that they charge £115 per day, you will be billed around £800 for a whole week. It almost goes without saying that if you live in an area with a higher cost of living, this will greatly influence the pros’ rates and may blow your budget. A smart way to deal with that is to hire experts that operate in smaller, nearby districts as they will probably charge less. English Revival Signature kitchen in Diamond grey with a Konigstone quartz worktop were fitted.

This will involve ripping out kitchen units and worktops, which should cost around £200, while removing tiles is usually priced at £12 to £20 per square metre. The cost of a new kitchen will vary depending on the quality you choose. A basic kitchen with only essential kitchen items is typically priced at £4000 to £10,000, while average kitchen prices range from £5000 to £12,000.


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