How to plan a kitchen remodel

This design by Trend Interiors Bedrooms, Bathrooms and Kitchens shows how you can balance the kitchen space with an area to eat, cook and relax. A fresh cohesive colour palette helps tie this open-plan space together. Kitchen remodelsare popular because they’re usually very populated, so they become the focal point of a family. Consider remodeling your kitchen with features you can enjoy for many years while giving your home better appeal when deciding to sell it. Although some people consider open floor plans a terrible idea, it’s also a concept that most people love to have. Lofts, modernist, modern, minimalist, or industrial interiors – in every kitchen style a metal floor will look finely.

kitchen remodel

In other cases, you can monitor your food through connected ovens. Hence, these smart home appliances that have in-built intelligence ensure a convenient and luxury structure for homeowners. A kitchen remodel can cost anywhere from a few thousand dollars to tens of thousands, so it’s important to set a realistic budget from the beginning. The kitchen is the perfect place to include natural light – a warm, lighter kitchen feels more inviting.

Define the space

However, it can be worth looking for a tradesman which offers a five year guarantee or greater. Then if any problems arise in the future, due to any faults in the building process, you are covered and they will fix their mistakes at no expense to you. The removal of a kitchen is a thing which may need to be considered before you remodel. If you have an old dilapidated kitchen already on your property you may wish to replace it with a newer, nicer looking build. Most will simple need to be sprayed onto the dirt and left to break it down. After a set amount of time you will then most likely need to wipe it away with warm water.

  • This design by Trend Interiors Bedrooms, Bathrooms and Kitchens shows how you can balance the kitchen space with an area to eat, cook and relax.
  • Generally, you won’t need planning permission for a kitchen unless it is part of a new extension.
  • When remodelling a kitchen it does give you ample opportunity to think about the layout and adding a kitchen island can bring another dimension to the space.
  • The price of this will increase to around £250 – £375, when fitting costs are added, as an electrician will be required to complete the installation.

Check where each appliance will be added and make sure you have the electric power arriving there. Some appliances such as cooktops need specific power, first, check that. The space should be large enough for at least two people everywhere. If you have a closed kitchen, the door should be wide enough, at least 80cm but wider is better.

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See our tips on hiring a kitchen fitter and find a reliable kitchen fitter near you using Which? All traders are vetted and audited to give you confidence in their services. Choosing an experienced and skilled kitchen fitter is crucial.

Kitchen Remodel Ideas: 20 Inspiring Ways to Revamp Your Space

However, hardwood is expensive, while laminate floors are affordable, yet they mirror the look of pure wood. You may, however, opt for natural stones or floor tiles for their versatility of colours, shapes, sizes, and so on. Even if you have a big budget for remodeling your kitchen, there are some ways to cut costs and maybe have more to invest in other parts of the home to add more value. If you have someone who knows how to install and create kitchen cabinets, you can save some of the installation fees and invest in the couch of your dreams. If you can learn how to do some basic home repairs, that will be great.


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