How to Plan your Bathroom Renovation

The average bathroom renovation cost is from around £3,000+, but costs will of course vary depending on where you are in the UK, the finish you go for and the size of your bathroom renovation project. Updating the space won’t cost as much as remodelling or reconfiguring the layout of the bathroom as moving soil stacks and pipework can be costly. Doing work yourself, like tiling, painting or laying flooring will bring costs down further. Are you wondering how much it costs to renovate a bathroom? Trying to work out complete bathroom refurbishment costs? Wondering if you have the budget for something bigger?

bathroom remodel

When removing the shower, if possible, remove the enclosure panels first, to make the next steps easier. Remove any silicone seals around the tray, then detach and remove the tray itself. And remember – even a simple renovation is effective, so don’t feel like you need all the bells and whistles. Whatever you do, make sure you check for relevant planning permissions. Survey – We will send a specialist who will personally take a look at your bathroom.

Downloadable Designer’s Guide

You can work off Planner 5D’s collection of high-quality pictures or create your personalised project using this free app. The easy to use “drag and drop” option enables you to furnish your floor plan pretty quickly. Another helpful feature is the well-organised material library. You can choose from an assortment of material finishes that includes bathroom fixtures, tiles and other accessories. Once everything is agreed, Red Box’s bathroom fitters in Chiswick will allocate you a dedicated project manager and share a planning document with you.

  • You can also save money by salvaging usable sanitaryware – for example, you could add a new surround to an old bath.
  • At this stage you need to consider your likes and dislikes and how you use your current bathroom.
  • It’s important to draw plans of your existing bathroom and your future bathroom.
  • Once you’ve decided what you would like within your new bathroom you will need to set a budget.

Therefore this kind of remodel will cost more and take more time. But you will get so much more out of a full remodel that you otherwise would. In a full remodel, everything will be removed giving you the opportunity to see your bathroom completely empty, to evaluate the space and your options, and create a new bathroom from scratch. Full jurnalnasional.coms allow you to move the main features such as the shower and the tub around, add a toilet, or take away a vanity. It allows you to reimagine the space you have and make the most out of it.

Include More Mirrors in the Bathroom

To make sure you get a long-lasting finish, choose a paint that’s specially formulated for bathrooms, because then it will withstand humidity. Not all types of wall covering are suitable for use in the bathroom. The materials you choose have to withstand high humidity and water splashes.


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