How to Price Up Your Kitchen Renovation

Linoleum is a natural product that is anti-bacterial and hypoallergenic. Luxury vinyl has a high-quality finish and is available in the form of tiles or wood-looking planks. The material absorbs sound better than ceramic tiles and is warmer underfoot. The thing is, cabinetry designed on a one-off basis for a specific property tends to be more expensive. Meanwhile, Ready To Assemble, or RTA, cabinetry can be ordered to fit your exact kitchen specifications, and you can install it on-site with relative ease. Go with high-quality RTA cabinets over custom or “bespoke” options for quality cabinetry and notable savings.

  • Of course, the cost of a used kitchen is dependent on a lot of factors, including the brand, materials used, age and condition of the kitchen.
  • Fitting flooring to your kitchen can be as simple as fitting a carpet, unless you require lino or wood style flooring.
  • The advantages of vinyl flooring are it is instantly waterproof, can be fitted within a few hours , is available in a multiple of styles and finishes, and is the cheapest flooring option available for kitchens.
  • If you have a slightly bigger budget to work with, why not read our mid-range kitchen renovations and high-end kitchen renovations.
  • They tend to cost around £160 to £1900 for an average fridge freezer, while a smart fridge freezer that can be monitored from your phone can range from £2000 to £7000.

Our impressive range of sinks and taps are regularly compared against other leading companies to ensure you always get the best value for money around. We offer a free home design and measuring service and free consolation in store to accurately design your kitchen. We will offer our professional opinion to ensure you know what is viable and what is not. When thinking about how much you should spend on a new kitchen, think about what you want to change or update first.

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Flooring will be added, as well as any free-standing items like a floating unit, and you can finalise the space with some finishing touches to make it your own. If you need any new pipework laying for additional plumbing or waste pipes, your plumber will take care of this for you while the fitting is taking place. Though the idea might sound horrifying, modern products have come a long way from the plastic-looking floors of the past and are very realistic and emulate wood or tiles extremely well. For example, you might think handleless cabinets would be less expensive when, in fact, they cost a lot more than having a simple but stylish handle.

kitchen remodel cost

Another cost to account for is the disposal of waste during the installation process. A skip is a large metal container used like a bin, for the disposal of building waste. Quality of the final appearance, level of technology, and usability of the space factor into the final cost of a new kitchen greatly. The desired final look will determine many of these factors; however, it is always best to keep a strict budget in mind before beginning preparations and shop around for the best priced materials. There are practically a limitless number of different levels of equipment that when added to your new kitchen can change it from a simple room where food is prepared, to a useful kitchen space.

Kitchen Unit Costs

Before purchasing kitchen units, you will need to determine your budget, as there are a variety of units to choose from including budget and premium units. The cost of budget kitchen units is around £20 to £70 per base cabinet and around £20 to £50 per wall unit. A kitchen designer will help you plan and design everything from your kitchen cabinets and worktops to your ceiling lights and flooring. If you wish to install a new kitchen floor, then you should expect to pay around £60 to £75 per square metre for kitchen tiles to be installed by a professional tiler. We can only share what we know which is how much our kitchen cost to fit.

What are the good questions to ask yourself before starting?

Depending on the era of your existing kitchen you could also opt for a ‘50s or 60s retro’ kitchen that embraces some of this period’s features. Even if you have a big budget for remodeling your kitchen, there are some ways to cut costs and maybe have more to invest in other parts of the home to add more value. If you have someone who knows how to install and create kitchen cabinets, you can save some of the installation fees and invest in the couch of your dreams.

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