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If you are not in when the repair team calls, they will leave a card asking you to make a new appointment. Telling any employee of the Council’s housing team if they visit you at home, or are on your estate. As part of our commitment to quality services, we aim to provide a reliable and quick repair service. It’s important that you get the right support when you leave hospital. We can help with minor repair and adaptations to much larger projects – so you can get home as smoothly as possible.

home repair

The loan may include other fees and services properly incurred in relation to the loan funded work. Such fees include Building Regulation Fees, eduquemosenlared.com building surveys etc. The council charge an administration fee of 10% of the total cost of the loan funded work, carried out to the property.

Property factors

Before reporting your repair, please check our Repairs Guide to see who is responsible for fixing them. We are responsible for various repairs due to general wear and tear within tenanted properties. However, as part of your Tenancy Agreement, you are directly responsible for certain minor repairs. While you are free to make your own arrangements, Gateshead Council has negotiated exclusive low-cost cover for tenants. You have the right to appeal if you don’t agree with a decision to charge you for repairs.

  • If you, or someone that you live with, are disabled, you might be able to get a disabled facilities grant for adaptations or providing facilities for the disabled person.
  • The property has been in the ownership of the applicant for less than 2 years.
  • If the parts needed to repair your boiler are no longer available, you’re not committed to the cover.
  • Find out about property factors who provide services to homeowners, including the duties of a factor and how to complain about a factor.
  • Before reporting your repair, please check our Repairs Guide to see who is responsible for fixing them.
  • When posting your job, just add as much information as possible so our taskers know what tools are required.

To be classed as an emergency repair, there must be significant risk to health and safety, your property or other buildings. The team at Lendology CIC understand the expense of maintaining chadlavy.com your home and work with you, and ourselves, to take the stress out of funding repairs, improvements or adaptations. Please note that any emergency requests will still be considered.

Financial assistance

A local authority can offer different types of help with home improvements. It will have its own rules about the types of help it will offer, and about the conditions you must meet in order to qualify for help. If it’s related to the original problem, we’ll repair it as part of our fixed price. If there are any unrelated faults, for example if you’ve called us about a leaking pipe but ask us to fix a blocked drain, we’ll provide a separate quote for each repair.

Product in your cart may not be available in the selected country and will be removed from your cart if you choose the “SELECT” button below. Please contact us if you need assistance purchasing this product in another country. A maximum of two applications can be made per property in any five year period. This money can be spent on any work where public funds aren’t available to pay for it.

When people exaggerate a problem to get a quicker response it stops us from responding quickly to real emergencies. If we find that you have exaggerated your repair or your circumstances, we may charge you for the cost of the emergency call-out. We offer the broadest selection of hand tools, drum, and sectional machines.

You can request a repair from us at any time of day, 7 days a week. Repairs are attended by our contractors Mears and are split into emergency, urgent and non-urgent repairs. The grant will need to be paid back to us if you move house or sell your property within 10 years of receiving radiocaferoma.org the grant. You would only need to pay back the amount received and no interest would be added. Liberty Group has been appointed to take over from Quality Heating Services on 4 April 2022. ThermoServ has been appointed for communal gas servicing and maintenance from 14 February 2022.


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