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As I grew older, my dad explained me the benefits of policies supporting private property rights and foreign investment to the Slovak economy… In the business world these three words have the ability to enhance profits or cause failure; they have fascinated and influenced my interest to study aspects of the business sector at higher level… My wish to study business has developed increasingly ever since I understood that we lived in a world where everything was due or connected to money and trade. What really interest me in business is its complexity and its unpredictability… Business involves analysing every detail before making a competent decision.

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  • I chose to take a year out after my A-Levels to gain some true life experience away from the security net of full time education…
  • This was further emphasized through the work experience at Société Générale, a multinational French bank and, Soma House, a start-up fitness business…
  • Clients do not want even the slightest risk of there being a contract of service, or an employment relationship, with their contractors.

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The IR35 status determines whether you are considered to be a ‘true contractor’ or a ‘disguised employee’ and this is assessed on an assignment by assignment basis. The term PSC is used to describe a common type of limited company established by contractors, consultants and other types of self-employed workers. In short, a PSC sells the work of an individual or small group of individuals, and is owned and operated by that individual or small group of individuals as a limited company.

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Tax efficiency is another notable difference between contractors using a PSC and sole traders. Whilst a PSC contractor must pay Corporation Tax and tax on dividends, PSC contractors can generally pay themselves more tax efficiently by drawing the majority of income as dividends which is subject to less tax than PAYE. In contrast to this, a sole trader must pay full income tax and NICs on all profits exceeding their personal tax allowance. Yet despite this, contractors using their own limited companies – or, as HMRC label many of them, ‘personal services companies’ – remain in high demand. It is a fact that many clients – typically the largest companies – will only award work to individuals or contractors who offer their services through a company.

What is Personal Service Company PSC?

You can read more about how to do this in our guide to starting a limited company in the UK. But working in this way has its benefits for contractors, because it’s often a tax efficient way to operate. Contractors with PSCs usually pay themselves using a mixture of salary and dividends.

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