Is it normal for bathroom renovations to cost this much?!

Less is often more and you only really need to choose two different tile types – one for your floor, one for the wall – for a simple but stylish bathroom. Wood-look porcelain tiles are a great way to create a ‘feature floor’, even in wet areas like your shower. As ever though, the choice is completely yours and the options are pretty much endless. Vinyl and linoleum are affordable alternatives for your bathroom floor.

bathroom remodel cost

This type of flooring has the same visual appeal as floor tiles – but it is over 50% cheaper. This is because the average cost for new floor tiles is £100 per square metre – whereas for vinyl flooring, the cost drops to around £46 per square metre. The total cost was near to the £8K mark in total – this was a few years ago mind. So take a look there if you would like to see more granular costs to do a bathroom makeover of this scale. For context, the averages seem to sit around £4,000 to £6,000 for most areas in the country. Well, after the money spent on the rest of our 1930s house renovation, planning bathroom renovation costs was certainly the bottom of the priority list to discuss.

Removing Previous Fittings and Fixtures and Clearing Rubbish

If you need an entire new bathroom plumbing then the final cost will be more expensive than the odd job here and there. This cost could vary depending on the scope of the work and if more than one labourer is needed. You should also be aware of the additional features for a shower that can increase the overall cost. A shower screen is estimated to cost between £35 to £350 and a shower enclosure and tray is estimated to cost between £160 to £1,100, depending largely on the size and materials used. Bath and panels are likely to cost between £100 to £650 and the price point is largely determined by the material of the bath and panels, as well as the amount of labour needed to install the unit.

  • These come complete with everything you need to form a platform, drainage and waterproofing equipment — they cost around £500-£600.
  • The village has gone upmarket recently which has probably affected the price but friends around the country also say that Brexit, shipping problems and inflation have caused price surges everywhere.
  • The bathroom below from the home of @moditional_home has had a huge makeover which included repainting and stencilling the floor tiles.
  • This can make their quotes seem low, but always make sure to ask exactly what their quote includes so you don’t face any unwelcome surprises.

If you wish to install an extractor fan, this might cost between £250 and £350. In this section, we break down the cost to install a new bathroom for each stage of the project. Similarly, accessible baths such as walk-in baths or whirlpool-style baths will cost a lot more than basic budget options. As with toilets, replacing a hand basin can be relatively straightforward if choosing a very similar unit, with the overall job probably costing around £200 to £500 depending on the type of basin you choose. One of the best ways to communicate your ideas with a professional contractor is to provide examples of your vision using pictures from decor magazines and online bathroom design sites. Providing more information ahead will secure a bathroom remodel just how you imagined it.

How much does bathroom furniture cost?

This will open up different design options for your bathroom, and it will save you money. They are ensuite and are usually fitted with double vanity, separate shower and tub, changing area and ample storage space. The cost to remodel partially is an average of £8,280, while the total renovation is about £14,400. What sets a wet room aside from a regular bathroom is that there’s no shower tray. This requires that the bathroom be constructed in a way that the water drains without the tray.

Why Remodel Your Bathroom?

Bathroom remodeling can dramatically affect the value of your home. Come learn more about the cost and prices you can expect to pay in your postcode. The top tip here is to investigate whether you could dispose of any waste materials yourself for less money (e.g. by hiring a skip, using a waste bag or taking some of the waste to a local tip).

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