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In modern kitchen design, rounded shapes exude luxury and sophistication. A beautiful design element, these softer forms are more ergonomic and feel more natural to use. Aesthetically too, every view is taken care of, rather than creating abrupt stops. The British Standard design team have noticed a growing number of clients opting for plain or patterned glazed tiles to create eye-catching sink walls. This rich, glossy depth of colour on glazed tiles provides great textural contrast against pared back, hand painted wooden cabinetry.

  • So if you’re stuck for space, it might be worth relocating your laundry appliances and incorporating them into your bathroom ideas.
  • Handles are the accessories of the kitchen world, however, buying a new set of hardware while cheaper than buying an entire new kitchen can still end up costing upwards of £20 depending on the style you choose.
  • It’s a highly efficient way to make small kitchen ideas work to its full potential.
  • Large cabinets line the width of the space, complemented by a classic white Aga and blue tiling.
  • But what’s more likely to give a greater sense of space in a little kitchen is a consistent application of the same colour.

This on-trend design is a great way to give a kitchen a fresh, country look using budget kitchen ideas. If painting is not enough to change the look, you can replace doors and drawer fronts. Rather than buy a whole new fitted kitchen at a cost that could mean remortgaging the house, we’re talking about using budget kitchen ideas to make a world of difference. There’s plenty you can do with a little imagination, low-cost materials and a range of clever kitchen ideas to choose from. Paint is a simple way to upcycle an existing kitchen unit, while stick-on-tiles can fake an on-trend tiled floor.

Make shelving practical and beautiful

Just as with wallpaper, the fabrics you choose must be able to withstand moisture from cooking, and splashes and sticky fingers, too, if you have young children. Pop-up power socket towers can be fitted into worktops or kitchen islands, providing an electricity source when needed and can then be pushed down and out of sight when not in use. A polished concrete floor is the ultimate mark of modernity in today’s kitchens. Advances in engineering mean concrete can be buffed and polished to an astonishing degree, adding further shine and stark design. By keeping these three themes in mind while making design choices, you will end up with a stunning, modern kitchen.

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This beautiful kitchen from Neptune has a painted look that we heartily approve of – and it’s one that should inspire your painted kitchen design. ‘The layout of the room is what makes a kitchen design successful,’ says Tom Howley, design director at the eponymous kitchen company. Black kitchen ideas are back on trend – and while they do really suit traditional homes, they are most striking in contemporary settings. If the kitchen ideas you are putting in your scrapbook – virtual or otherwise – are bursting with pattern and color, then your next option might be kitchen curtain ideas.

Go open plan for a sociable space

Linking a kitchen to the garden lets the entertaining zone spill outdoors. Combine your kitchen with your garden ideas by ensuring there is a table close to the threshold. During and since the coronavirus pandemic, we have all spent much more time in our kitchens – they have once again become the heart of the home. With this in mind, the trend for minimal, streamlined kitchens has shifted somewhat.

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