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That may be so, but a kitchen island is a lot more than just that. Clean, simple and without any clutter, the contemporary kitchen is streamlined but liveable. Glossy surfaces and metallic accents work together to create a look that is sleek and where everything has its place thanks to clever storage solutions. Popular for creating a more sociable style of living, an open plan kitchen can transform the way your family connects by combining different elements of your living space in one area. We have put together 12 kitchen design ideas for you to custom design your own kitchen. Splashbacks offer a great way to inject your own personality into your simple kitchen design.

kitchen design ideas

Is created for high efficiency cooking and accommodates the ‘working triangle’ perfectly, meaning you can easily move between the three key cooking components, sink, oven and refrigerator. You are likely to inherit some unusual nooks in older country properties, so taking a flexible approach to your kitchen design may be necessary. Larder or pantry ideas separated from the rest of your kitchen can help keep things clear and tidy, as they are an ideal space to keep store cupboard staples and baking equipment. After decades of being counselled on the benefits of sticking to safe, neutral design when renovating, today’s modern rustic kitchen trend is a breath of fresh air. Pretty, decorative, and often space-challenged, cottage kitchens are all about clever spaces solutions and attention to pattern, texture and layering. Statement lighting – notably large pendants draw the eye and help define the zones, while wall art adds character and expresses personality.

Unusual Material Finishes Serve up Plenty of New Kitchen Ideas

Choose decorative painted handles to embrace the maximalist look . Or install sleek, minimalist handles to create an of-the-moment, streamlined effect. Natural finishes, like wood and copper-style handles, can give your kitchen decor a more rustic, homely appearance. With space tight in the galley created in this kitchen layout, Life Kitchens used a clever small kitchen idea to trade off work surface for more floor space. By stepping the cabinets and worktops on the wall side, there remains room enough for the hob, while still retaining smaller, but still useful, pockets of worktop on either side.

  • ‘A Custom-designed stainless steel island adds additional prep space and doubles as the primary dining table in this compact Hawaiian cottage’s kitchen.’ explains the team at Guggenheim Architecture.
  • The black touches add a masculine effect while the tall ceiling makes the room feel imposing.
  • To give you all the modern kitchen inspiration you need, here are the top kitchen trends for 2022.
  • You don’t need many kitchen colour ideas to make your kitchen look welcoming.

Design Elements To suit the space designer Phil has created a great layout which incorporates all the elements of this project brief, with the bulk of amenities centred around a range cooker. Extra storage is provided in tall units that run all the way towards the dining and living area of this property. The theme is comprised of Virginia shaker furniture from British supplier Mereway in colours sea mist and pebble grey. Traditional features have been included in this project in the form of a butler style sink and herringbone flooring from Karndean. The flooring has been fitted by our expert team, and runs throughout this whole space to create a luxurious feel.

Banquette Seating is a Great Idea for a Kitchen

Within a modern set-up, an open plan kitchen can also be used as a dining area, work space and somewhere to gather as a family or socialise with friends. It’s worth noting that using the key features of the room is just as important as starting with date and style – after all you’re not looking to create a slavishly accurate historical replica. And where possible, use authentic materials to create a characterful look. This works particularly when you are looking for kitchen flooring ideas – the brick-look of this herringbone flooring is spot on. Mixed materials or finishes create a kitchen that’s full of character, but what has really caught our eye in this room is the clever use of vertical space on a wall that demands narrow cabinetry. We love the detailing of these kitchen tile ideas and how they work against the sleek blue units.

His current project is a kitchen renovation which involves knocking through walls and landscaping a courtyard garden. Boring is the last word that should be used to describe minimalism, this stylish and chic approach to kitchen design adds a striking and easy to look at aesthetic. For a simple yet striking kitchen design, choose your furniture wisely and add emphasis in unexpected areas.

When tiling a high-traffic area, such as a kitchen, you’ll need easy-to-clean and durable tiles. Fun fish scale tiles have become one of the hottest trends in recent years. You could also use a semi-gloss or high-gloss paint, as these will still repel moisture and enable you to wipe away any mould that appears. However, these kind of paints tend to be more suited to small areas, such as window and door frames, as opposed to entire walls.

Choosing the best kitchen sink for your scheme is an important part of the overall design, but there are more styles than ever before to choose from, including some exciting, innovative designs. An L-shaped island is a great layout idea for a large, boxy room, helping to create some flow to movement around the space. There is not a lot of room for storage in this kitchen, which does sacrifice functionality for a stylish look. The simple colour scheme comprises black, white and wood, which makes the style pleasant and inviting. The dark, deep tones are balanced by the chrome appliances and the white walls and floors.

Different areas can be used for different tasks – cooking, working, socializing, etc. Perhaps you are considering a kitchen extension that opens out onto your garden or you are working with the space you have. Whatever your kitchen project, we can give essential advice, from how to plan a kitchen to choosing a kitchen layout.

When it comes to your kitchen units, drawers offer a lot of of versatility for use in the base cabinets. They’re better than cupboard for keeping cookware, dishes, pots and pans, as well as plates, especially if you opt for a pegboard style drawer system. Instead, hiding a doorway behind your cabinetry means you can keep a run of units uninterrupted. Pocket doors are a good idea too, meaning you can keep the doors open when needed without getting in the way while using your kitchen. Team this with sleek handleless kitchen doors and minimalistic design choices, and you have a low impact kitchen that fades into the background of an open plan space.

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